Saturday, December 24, 2016

Yet Another Baltic Christmas - Day 24, Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus!

Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus! Linksmų Kalėdų! Häid jõule! May your holidays be warm and bright, and may the New Year bring health and happiness!!!

I’m very grateful to everyone who contributed to this series; in the form of posts, photographs, illustrations and ideas. As to the readers, the friends who commented and translated, and those who put me in contact with bloggers and authors all over the world, a heartfelt paldies - the series would not have been a success without you. A special thanks to Inga, whose beautiful logo is gracing each post in this third iteration! There is a Latvian saying trīs lietas, labas lietas (three things are good things), and truly this third year of the Baltic Christmas series has been ‘a good thing’ for me… On this final day of 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas I’ve put together a chronology of all the posts we’ve seen this month; I hope it helps facilitate a revisit to your favorite post, and serves as a reminder for any that you might have missed.

After kicking off the series on December 1st, Day 2 brought a rundown of all the Baltic Christmas markets scheduled for the month. On Day 3 we visited a market that had already taken place – Seattle’s Bazaar – through Inta Wiest’s photos.

On Day 4 the Lithuanian Honorary Consul Dr. Roma Kličius shared photos of the Lithuanian Christmas tree at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The following day (Day 5) we traveled to the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago where all three Baltic countries have Christmas trees displayed as part of the Christmas Around the World Celebration.

Author Daiva Venckus returned to the series on Day 6 with her post on
Lithuanian pre-Christian rituals and superstitions in today’s Catholic celebration. Then on Day 7, the 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas gift guide, followed by Inga’s Latvian Honey Torte recipe on Day 8.

Day 9 was musings on modern day piparkūku baking, and Day 10 featured a Latvian Christmas story by Margarita Stāraste Barvika, introduction by Inga.

On Day 11 we headed into Latvia’s National Forests with Māris and Nora in search of a Christmas tree. Then on Day 12 Karl Altau joined us with his post Wishing you a Mixed-up Estonian Melting Pot Christmas!

The Kristaps Porzingis Santa ad was on Day 13 (along with some other fun things concerning the Latvian Knicks player), and then on Day 14 we welcomed Lithuanian author Jenn Virskus with her memories of making žagarėliai with Teta.

Day 15 brought a quick round-up of a few Baltic drink options ranging from cocktails for a themed holiday dinner party to a digestif for a quiet after-shopping gift wrapping session with your husband.

Daina, from the blog Latvian-American Adventures and Opinions joined us on Day 16 with a post on celebrating the winter solstice. On Day 17 I touched on a Latvian favorite holiday staple, pelēkie zirņi (or grey peas).

Let the Journey Begin’s Ilze explored the Rīga Christmas market with us on Day 18.

On Day 19 we welcomed Catherine Nurmepuu, a first-generation Estonian-American, to the series. She wrote about Christmas with her Estonian grandparents, and shared a way for us to include our ancestors in our holiday celebrations.

It was back to Lithuania on Day 20, to visit the Vilnius Christmas market with Elizabeth from the blog In Search Of. Day 21 brought us Inga’s recipe for Aleksandra torte, as baked by Holden’s test kitchen.

I was delighted to have my grandmother join us on Day 22 with her comparison of Christmas past and present! And finally on Friday (Day 23) I shared five links for you to check out while taking a break from your final Christmas preparations.

I hope you enjoyed this third year of counting down the days to a Baltic Christmas! We’re so thankful to have been part of your holiday preparations this month, and hope you found some Christmas spirit here on Femme au Foyer. I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

Until next year,


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  1. Hi, I have enjoyed every minute of your Baltic Christmas celebrations. I hope you put all of this info into a book. So many great memories --and thoughts to pass on to future generations...

    I also enjoyed your post about Cashiers. We love going there --and we always stay at the Laurelwood Inn. The people there are so NICE... We'll go back to that area in March.



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