Saturday, May 16, 2020

Eleven years

Today Roberts and I celebrate eleven years since our wedding. As I've done since our second anniversary, I'm posting a photo from our wedding day, this one as we made our way down the aisle. 

I was looking through posts from previous years to remind myself which photographs I had already posted, and got a big laugh from last year's post; we were on our 'honeymoon' in Hawai'i, so I was a bit late posting my annual memory, but at the end I wrote "Now, to figure out where to go on our babymoon...." If only I had known what 2020 would bring! Global pandemics! Homeschooling! Cancelled travel plans!!! Oh, and yes - baby Kukainis, due this month! I wouldn't even have imagined, but I'm kind of getting what I wished for, aren't I?

Wishing Roberts a happy wedding anniversary, and although we might not be celebrating with a fancy dinner and champagne, at least we won't have to share this day's celebrations with Baby Kukainis #4... well, at least not that I know of as of posting, who knows what next year's post might reveal!

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