Saturday, December 3, 2016

Yet Another Baltic Christmas - Day 3 and the Seattle Bazaar

The Seattle Latvians were already gearing up for Christmas during November! As you are headed out to the various holiday markets going on today across the US and Canada (for a list, see yesterday's post to find the one closest to you!), we travel to the west coast for one market that has already occured.... The annual Seattle Latvian Christmas Bazaar took place November 12-13, and here with a look at this annual holiday celebration is Inta Wiest!

This tirdziņš is organized by the Washington State Latvian Association, with its board members assisting in planning and implementation.

Daina & Olga at the Latvian table

“Man pašai patīk skaistie latviešu rokdarbi un tautiskās rotas.” My favorites are the Latvian crafts and ethnic jewelry.

For a wide variety of traditional Latvian, Lithuanian and Livonian jewelry and other art (including works by Alfrēds Stinkuls), visit Baltic Crossroads

Daudzi nāk labi paēst, pirkt pīrāgus, kūkas un cepumus, baudīt  omulīgo atmosfēru.” Hundreds come to eat a hearty meal, buy pīrāgi, cakes and cookies, to enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

The Latvian school parents run the cookie market

Katrs tirdziņā var atrast kaut ko savai gaumei un iegādāties jaukas Ziemsvētku dāvanas.” Everyone can find something to suit their style, and to acquire lovely Christmas gifts.

Silvija's Glass Heart / Raksti stiklā

In addition to the Latvian bakery, the event featured Christmas specialty foods to take home, Latvian and modern jewelry, decorative pillows, knit fashions, stuffed toys, etched crystal, Latvian linens, books & handmade goods.

Latitude/longitude necklace by

There is a Seattle Latvian Christmas Bazaar facebook page that will keep visitors appraised of dates of future Christmas tirdziņi as they are set. Wherever you may be today, I hope you have the chance to enjoy some skābie kāposti and desiņas, pīrāgi and tortes at your local Christmas market! Thank you to Inta for the pictures from the Seattle bazaar, and stay tuned tomorrow for a trip cross-country to Atlanta, Georgia

Maija, Kristīne, Lisa & Linda at the cake table

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