Sunday, December 4, 2016

Yet Another Baltic Christmas - Day 4 Lithuanians in ATL, the World's Busiest Airport

From Seattle to Atlanta, today during the 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas we have landed at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, where the Atlanta Lithuanian-American Community has decorated a Christmas tree in the International Terminal!

The Director of International Business at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Ms. Arlene Barr invited the Atlanta Consular Corp (which represents 75 nations worldwide) to participate in ATL’s Winter Wonderland Celebration. Of the ten trees available to decorate throughout the International Terminal, the Lithuanian Honorary Consulate was selected to decorate one to showcase the beauty and unique qualities of the Lithuanian Christmas tradition. 

Šarunė Stankevičienė and Silvija Aniulienė joined Honorary Consul Dr. Roma Kličius to decorate the tree last week. The ornaments are all hand-made of straw (natural and plastic) by members of the Atlanta community, a portion especially crafted for this tree by Stankevičienė and Aniulienė.

Sarune adding the finishing touches

For information on events organized by the Lithuanian community in the Atlanta area please visit their website. The Atlantos Lietuviu Bendruomene / Atlanta Lithuanian-American Community is also on facebook here, with information on future events such as the December 10th Lithuanian Mass and Traditional Christmas Eve Dinner in Marietta on the events tab.

Šarunė Stankevičienė, Silvija Aniulienė and Dr. Roma Kličius, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania

Dr. Kličius writes, "We are really proud and thankful to Atlanta International Airport for the opportunity to display our Lithuanian 'business card' at the busiest airport in the world!" Thank you to Silvija Aniulienė and Dr. Kličius for their photographs and assistance with this post! Please join us tomorrow in our journery from ATL to ORD...


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