Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Yet Another Baltic Christmas - Day 20, the Vilnius Christmas market

Today on 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas we journey to Lithuania with Elizabeth from the blog In Search Of. Elizabeth writes that she loves visiting the Christmas markets in Europe, but especially loves the one in Vilnius...

Vilnius’ Enchanting Christmas Market and Charity Bazaar

As my expat home for the past four years, I’ve been able to enjoy Vilnius’ wonderful Christmas markets and yearly Charity Bazaar since 2013. Actually, Vilnius’ was the first Christmas market that I had the opportunity to experience, so though it’s much smaller than other European Christmas markets, it remains one of my favorites. This year, the Vilnius Christmas market is the best yet because it really brightens up the grey days and long nights with sparkling white lights and a massive tree decorated with green lights. The sparkling white lights are strung in such a way that they connect from the tree to the surrounding cottage-like market stalls, enveloping you under a sparkling sky. I’m really impressed with the 2016 Christmas market.

The market stalls this year have also really stepped up their game, and you’ll find tasty snacks, such as dried meat, mulled wine, spurga (mini donuts), and bubble waffles, knit goods, bow ties, and other little gifts to bring home.


Another wonderful yearly Christmastime event is the International Christmas Charity Bazaar, which takes place on one day only in early December. This yearly event is held in the Rotuse (Vilnius City Hall), and last year the bazaar raised 142,235 euros. The money is donated to improve facilities for children across Lithuania, with a focus on hospitals and schools. So, you’ll be able to purchase wonderful Christmas gifts and the money will go to a great cause!


This year, the Vilnius Christmas market runs until December 29th, so if you are in Vilnius for the holidays you should visit!

Thank you Elizabeth for your insight into the Vilnius Christmas scene! Elizabeth writes about her Baltic and international travels on In Search Of, and you can connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. The photographs from the 2016 market first appeared here - In Search Of: Photo Diary From Vilnius, Lithuania's 2016 Christmas Market - and are reposted with permission. Elizabeth also has a gorgeous post on this year's Tallinn Christmas market, which can be found here... Tomorrow on 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas is a popular Latvian dessert recipe – please join us for some Aleksandra kūka!

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