Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Baltic Christmas Day 3 - Our Christmas snowballs, in anticipation of winter and the holidays

Day Three of 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas is by Lelde of the blog Dabas Mamma (translates to Nature Mother). Mom of three, naturalist, crafter – without further ado, here is her post “Mūsu Ziemassvētku pikas, gaidot ziemu un svētkus."

Laiks, kad pie kamīna tiek piekārtas zeķītes, ir gaidīts jau kopš rudens sākuma. Bērni zina, rūķis ir sācis savu ziemas darbu. Bet kā lai ziemu rada, ja tā pati nespēj sniegu sapūst. Lai tiek spilveni vērti un spalvas bērtas, jo mēs pāši sniega bumbas vēlsim. Tik lielas, ka apķērt nevar un tik vieglas, lai gaisā turas.

Ar spalvām un ziemas sajūtām, mēs paši sev ziemu atnesām. 

We've been waiting for the moment to hang stockings on the fireplace ever since the beginning of autumn. The children know elves have been doing their winter work. But how can we greet winter when it can't even summon its own snow. May pillows be opened and feathers poured, for we will roll our own snowballs. So large that they can't be grabbed and so light as to float on air. 

With feathers and the spirit of winter we've welcomed winter to our home. 

Lai jauka pirmā adventes nedēļa!
May you have a beautiful first advent week!

Thank you Lelde! What a great way to bring the snow indoors… Catch Lelde on twitter @DabasMamma and please join us tomorrow on 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas for an adventure in ķekatas!


  1. Ļoti skaistas bumbas!:)

    1. Vai ne? Šinī mājā jau tā ir spilvenu trūkums - puiši gaida mammai iegādāties no veikala kādas spalvas lai varetu veikt šo projektu!

  2. They look beautiful! My mother in law is afraid of feathers and will not allow them into her home. She is from wales and believes that a bird in the house signifies death and feathers would be tempting fate. Although my husband is not superstitious he dislikes feathers which I'm sure is because of his mum! We will have to make cotton wool snowballs!!!

    1. I think those would turn out beautifully Gina! Please let me know if you attempt!


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