Monday, January 14, 2013

Tyger River Park

Oh, how things change! No more weekend trips to Spain, or vacations in southern France. Similar to the slow-down in traveling that occurred last year around this time before Mikus was born, we’ve been staying close to home since our holiday travels. This weekend our longest car ride was to explore a new park.

Tyger River Park is in Reidville, SC, about 30 minutes from downtown Greenville. It opened last year, and boasts 12 baseball and softball fields. We immediately headed for the very center of the nine acre park where we found several large playgrounds, each geared towards different ages. The 70 degree weather enabled some splashing in a “pond” surrounded by a giant sandbox, on our next visit we’ll have to remember our bucket and shovel!

The swings, giant spider web and slides each were explored in turn, with a majority of time spent climbing the equipment meant for children just a little older; but that’s what boys do? I read later that there are educational zones with functioning solar panels, wind turbines, wind chimes and sundial just outside the playground area, but these might be more appropriate for older children as intriguing as it all sounds to me.

In the middle is a 60 foot tall tower that is open when Spartanburg Country Parks Department personnel are supervising. As we visited on a Sunday it wasn’t open, but it’s another reason for us to return. Most interesting is that this summer there will be a “splash zone.” I’m not completely sure what that entails, but I know it will be more exciting than the last water play they had – getting into the cats’ water bowl.

Wishing everyone a pleasant and productive week!

Link to the Tyger River Park website here. You can find the schedule for baseball and softball games and tournaments, as well as information on renting a shelter.

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