Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another birthday come and gone!

I have to admit my husband sometimes gets a raw deal with his birthday – it is so close to the holidays that I find it hard to plan anything big. This year I baked the traditional Latvian birthday bread, the kliņģeris, we cleaned up (at least the house was clean about 30 minutes before you walked in the door, honey!) and made a nice dinner to enjoy once he got home. A couple of friends stopped by for dessert, and I’m hoping he enjoyed the evening as much as I did!

Warm temperatures meant that despite somewhat overcast skies we took an impromptu detour to the zoo after our stop at the library today. I really enjoy our visits there, despite the size of Greenville and the zoo itself, they have a very nice setup with plenty to see and do. The favorite today seemed to be the ocelot, although the sleepy lions came in a close second. The baboons were howling up a storm which neither boy seemed to be too delighted about, and a baby alligator surprised Lauris by snapping almost right next to his face (separated by the walls of the aquarium, but nevertheless), but both kids were content to munch on some Cheerios and enjoy our walk. The best thing about the Greenville zoo? The two hour nap both boys took upon getting home.

Here is a snapshot of the birthday boy celebrating his first birthday. I find it appropriate as our youngest will be observing his first birthday in a few weeks. Priecīgu dzimšanas dienu!!!


  1. Very nice planning! Loved reading about it!

  2. Bonjour Liene. I have great news for you: You won one of the books in my blog's 2-year anniversary giveaway. Congratulations! I will need your postal address so I can mail it to you! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)


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