Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On the fourth day, a Christmas tradition

Our extended family tradition regarding Christmas is that every other year is an “on-year” at my grandmother’s house, which means her children and grandchildren (and now great-grandchildren!) gather on Christmas Eve day. We had a delicious lunch, after which we went to the early service and then returned for more food and fun. Christmas songs were sung, presents were opened and both boys were asleep before we left. This routine is something I sorely missed in France last year, even though it was technically not an “on-year.” Our celebration in Clermont-Ferrand was unique, blessed with a visit from family, but the church service was not in Latvian, the exchanges with family occurred over skype instead of the dinner table, and although Lauris relished the extra attention, it is totally different for the two boys to have a gang of kids to run around with.

My contribution to the holiday feast was a cake. My grandmother did a seafood medley which was served over rice with a fantastic salad accompaniment, and after church we had the traditional bullion and pīrāgi, so I didn’t see much room for anything except dessert. I had seen an interesting idea on pinterest, of making chocolate trees to create a forest which seemed especially appropriate for the holidays. Following a chocolate cake recipe with layers of raspberry filling and dark chocolate ganache, finishing up with vanilla buttercream frosting, I managed this for our holiday dessert:

Photo credit: Juris B

It was a perfect evening, and the time came much too soon to head out. It was so good to see everyone again, from the cousins who we haven’t had a chance to see since leaving for France, to the grandparents and great-grandmother whose faces reflect the love that has gathered for the holidays. Washing dishes becomes a pleasure, and one can always find room for one more cookie. This is what Christmas is all about, and looking at the faces of Lauris and Mikus bouncing from one lap to the next, I think it wouldn’t be so bad for the holidays to come more than once a year…

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  1. I love the cake! I will try to remember this for next year. Most likely with cranberries instead... and italian meringue buttercream... and maybe soaked in some coffe liqueur... Ok, chances are high I will not be able to wait until next Christmas! Yum! Skaisti!!

    1. Paldies Līga, Italian meringue buttercream sounds yum, but I'm most intrigued by the coffee liquer soak - is that done after baking?

  2. That cake is gorgeous!!! Happy New Year!!


    1. Thanks Selena, Happy New Year to you and yours as well!

  3. Beautiful cake Liene - very impressive looking (and sounds delicious too!). Love your beautiful purple wrap as well. xx


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