Friday, January 4, 2013

On the fifth day of Christmas, a family portrait

Not only did Santa find us this year, we must have been very good! One of the best parts of celebrating Christmas with our extended family is we get to partake in all the various family traditions; we stayed with my aunt and her family, but celebrated the rest of Christmas day with my parents, so the day was a mix of three different families. Santa visited the three kids in our hosts’ home, but had left a note that we were to look for presents at “our next destination”. But the elves had it figured out, they had left a little present for us in our čības; the family tradition there being to leave your slippers out in lieu of stockings. After a delicious breakfast we left for my parents’ home, where Santa had left presents for the boys as promised. But the elves must have decided to hedge their bets, because they had left full stockings for the boys there as well – the tradition at my parents’ house.

I’m not sure where the day went, but we ate, we talked, we laughed. We opened presents and played with our new toys. We admired Ūlafs brand new cat bow-tie. We ate endless crepes made by my mother and cooked by my brother-in-law. We reenacted a photograph from around 2000 (which didn’t quite work, partly because my younger brother and sister are now taller than my sister and me, partly because the scenery was different). We dined on a cheese course in honor of our time in France. We relaxed and watched Lauris and Mikus play with all their new toys. And it was only after yet another meal and after the boys had their bath and put on their pajamas, that we said goodnight.

This one is for you little bro! (Photo credit: Gunars Lucans)

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  1. How much fun! Christmas with the family! Thank you for sharing personal pics with us today. Everyone looked perfectly happy. Santa, the Elves... everyone joined your party! Happy New Year to you and yours, Liene! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. That's the best part of Christmas - the celebrating and spending time with family. Sounds like a wonderful day. I love hearing about your family traditions - we all celebrate so differently around the world xx


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