Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Pretty Little Town with International Flair

Rainy days, runny noses, fevers, coughs, long nights…. It has been one difficult week here in the foyer, and the week is not even halfway done. Both boys are struggling with colds, and therefore I am struggling with the boys. The upside of being stuck in the infirmary is a little extra time online, which I’ve utilized to find some new recipes. With a few standouts that allowed me to do most of the prep-work in bits and pieces throughout the day, we have been dining well (at least the adults have, those under the weather have not had the best appetites and have been sticking to Goldfish crackers and Sprite).

For those cold, blustery winter evenings (not that I would know what that’s like with this heat wave!) this cheesy bacon potato soup is a winner. Hearty and filling, it is an older recipe that I started making in France where bacon could be purchased already diced. Then Monday night in honor of my husband’s namesday I made this moussaka from a local couple’s blog. I was hoping he would like it as much as the dish he had hoped to have in Athens last summer; our cab driver pointed out a restaurant with "the best moussaka in town" but upon our visit we didn't even find it on the menu. I think the recipe was a success, but next time we'll invite company over to assist in the eating. And continuing with the Greek theme last night were these chicken pitas with tzatziki sauce, which I can’t wait to try again once grilling season restarts.

The squirrels with their own feast... that is, if they can get past the home defense system

So that’s what is keeping me sane, a handful of recipes and stolen minutes in the kitchen. I can’t keep up with the boys, even in their state they stay one mess ahead of me. What is it about cleaning up one mess only to find two more and the vacuum attachments all hidden away that makes me feel so hopeless? Maybe my next recipes should be more in the line of chocolate desserts…

On a different note, our little town is in the running against bigshots like Charleston and New Orleans for Southern Living’s title of “The South’s Tastiest Town.” If you are so inclined, you can take a peek here, and cast your vote for the best food destination in the South.

From the webpage

“Greenville, SC, Pretty Little Town with International Flair. Don't be fooled by the quaint, leafy town of Greenville, SC. When it comes to eating and drinking well, it means business. A concentration of international corporations (including BMW and Michelin) means surprising culinary diversity and well-traveled palettes. Stars like Vicky Moore from Mediterranean-inspired The Lazy Goat and Spencer Thomson from Deveraux's earned their chops at the best restaurants in Charleston. New restaurants like Ford's Oyster House and The Green Room have forward thinking menus rooted in Low Country goodness. Restaurants like American Grocery and Roost (in the newly renovated Hyatt) serve refined seasonal cuisine with products from local and regional farms. An alfresco fall food festival, renegade newcomers like Neue Southern Food Truck and The Owl (which serves, no kidding, molecular gastronomy), make eating here an endless revelation.”

Now taking reservations for spring break visits!


  1. I'm looking for some new midweek recipes for the new year so your links came at the right time and we love moussaka too. It's definitely the colds' season - I hope your boys are better soon then you can return to normal. By the way, Happy New Year!

  2. That soup looks delicious! When you made it here, were you able to find cheddar in Clermont, or did you make it with something else? I can't get cheddar here so that's why I'm asking. I was wondering if Cantal would work.

    1. Hi Sara, we did have one brand of cheddar available (import from GB), but I used many different types of cheese when making the soup, it was a matter of preference. I like to think of it as raclette, in soup form :) Bon appetit!


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