Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New exhibit at TCMU: Fun & Games!

There’s another new exhibit at the Children’s Museum of the Upstate! Hot on the heels of the grand opening of the permanent exhibit Bib’s World comes Fun & Games, a STEM-inspired exhibit in which children can play games while learning their rules, origins and historical significance.

Femme au Foyer for the #triplewordscore

The kids had a great time playing giant replicas of Scrabble, checkers and chess, although the biggest hit was an arcade booth stocked with all the classic favorites: Ms Pac Man, Donkey Kong and one of the space shooter games among others.

Some games focused on chance (such as Candyland), while others gravitated towards skill (Skeeball). The strategy games (tic-tac-toe etc.) were popular, but almost all of the games encouraged group learning and play.

Lauris enjoyed the station that allowed guests to create their own game, and while a couple of older children played a rather impressive game of Scrabble we hung out at one of the group activity tables and let the kids explore at their own speed. There are activities suitable to toddlers as well - Vilis stuck mostly to the Tangrams and Ker plunk.

We easily spent several hours exploring. All three boys had a great time, so it’s not a question of if we’ll be returning to the new exhibit for more Fun & Games, but when!

Fun & Games replaces the traveling exhibit Trivial Pursuit, A 50-StateAdventure. It will be open until September 5th, so make sure to add it to your Upstate summer bucket list! For more information please visit the TCMU website

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