Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Children's Museum of the Upstate

Yesterday we had reason to celebrate! It was the name day for all those named Lauris and Laimdots (if you need a refresher on the Latvian name’s day tradition, you can take a quick peek at this post), and as there is a lack of Laimdoti in our family, we instead focused on Lauris!

He said he wanted to go to a museum to celebrate (I’m not exactly sure where that came from), so it was as good a time as any to check out the Children’s Museum of the Upstate, right here in Greenville.

The "Garage Rock" room even had a beat box!
It was a blast! Some of the rooms were similar to the Children’s Museum we visited while in Chicago, and there was plenty to do and see that we ended up spending the entire day there. Good thing I brought a snack…

Mikus in the toddler lily pond - and when I say "in", I mean IN!
Admission is a little steep ($10 per adult, $9 per child over 2), but a family membership is available, which might make sense for those planning to visit often ($150 annually). Parking is an added expense to consider, and there is a café on the premises so budget accordingly. For us the special occasion warranted a day spent exploring, and once Mikus is older we might consider the membership.

Build your own truck - took mom a while to figure it out
During the morning it was on the crowded side as five or six buses of children from local elementary schools were swarming inside, but after taking advantage of the activity room to make “family collage puppets” it felt like we had the entire museum to ourselves. There were no lines to try out toys, no fights over sharing, and blessed peace for this mom while both boys played. If only the wi-fi had worked…

* Šodien esmu pateicīga par visiem mīļiem cilvēkiem kuŗi sūtija sveicienus Laurim vārda dienā! Laurim pastā pat pienāca vesela kaste ar tulpju sīpoliņiem, kuŗus viņš un brālis lielā sajūsmā palīdzēja mammai iestādīt priekšas dobē (paldies vecvecmamma!). Vienīgi nezinu vai iztiksim līdz pavasarim – viņš katru reizi garām staigājot prasa kur ir tomāti!

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  1. Looks like your little ones really enjoyed their day Liene! The museum is definitely one of my favourite places x


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