Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A journey across the 50 States at TCMU

We haven’t been THIS excited about a new exhibit at the Children’s Museum in a while… The third floor has been transformed into an exploration of the United States: Trivial Pursuit, A 50-State Adventure!

California, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Pennsylvania

The exhibit opened mid-January to high praise from many Upstate parents. Children can travel across the 50 states, discovering the geography, history and culture of some of America’s most spectacular places.

Alaska, Arizona

The scenic panoramas serving as backdrops feature familiar tourist destinations, National Parks, sports venues and historic sites. There are plenty of hands-on opportunities to learn for kids of all ages, with features for tactile toddler exploration alongside facts and trivia for older kids and adults. The boys raced sled dogs in the Iditarod, rode a mule into the Grand Canyon, hitched a ride in a covered wagon, hit a home run in Fenway, and snorkeled in Hawaii. Meanwhile I was mentally paging through a photo album of places I had visited, the most vivid memory being Arches National Park.

Nebraska, Massachusetts, Maine, Hawaii

We’ve been to the museum and "Trivial Pursuit" multiple times, and I still feel as we haven’t seen the whole exhibit – there is yet another state, another fun activity around every corner. My boys had fun searching for the states we’ve traveled to, and special attention was paid to those states that friends and family are living in.

Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Utah, Alabama, Illinois

TCMU is also incorporating stories, arts and crafts into programs centered around the exhibit. Please visit their website and the calendar for more information on programs such as “Trivial Pursuit – Nebraska Adventure” and their President’s Day “Trivial Pursuit Camp.”

South Carolina, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho

The exhibit runs through May 15 of this year, so there is still plenty of time to discover this amazing exhibit! Entrance fees, museum hours and other information are available on the TCMU website, Bon voyage!


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