Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Reedy River Farms in downtown Greenville

While cruising the Swamp Rabbit Trail this week from the SRC&G towards the Kroc Center, our ride was cut short by construction. We had intended on continuing on to Linky Stone Park to cross another park off our Park Hop list, but ran into a detour at Westfield Street. Although the boys were on bicycles, I was with the stroller, and so we opted not to follow the detour and instead turn around. As it turns out, it was a fortuitous decision.

We crossed S. Hudson St. and were passing the Greenville Fleet Services public works buildings and Mayberry Park when spotted folks working out in the field before Swamp Rabbit CrossFit. Looking closer I noticed hoops for greenhouses, and not familiar with any community gardens in the vicinity, decided to investigate – it turns out I was looking at Reedy River Farms, a 1-acre vegetable farm right here in the heart of Greenville! 

Reedy River Farms provides nutritious and flavorful food to local restaurants and markets such as Bacon Bros Public House and the Greenville Saturday Market. By reducing or eliminating transportation energy and pesticide use, George Dubose and Christopher Miller are taking major steps towards a more sustainable food system. Every square foot of the garden is utilized by “growing intensively and building soil organically to produce the highest quality of fruits and vegetables available.” On our visit bright-orange carrots and the most vibrant chard were being harvested; we were offered sugar snap peas to snack on, the pods virtually candy to the boys. The plot was bursting with life, from tomatoes climbing up trellises to leafy greens of all shades! We didn't want to hinder the harvest and so soon were back on the trail, but you can bet we'll be sneaking peeks from the SRT every time we pass!!

You have your own chance to visit Reedy River Farms this month, as it is one of the stops on the 2016 10th Annual Upstate Farm Tour sponsored by the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association. For more information and to register for this year’s tour, please click here. Reedy River Farms is included in the ‘dark blue’ Farm Tour adventure trail, along with Greenbrier Farms and Whispering Pines.

Follow Reedy River Farms on facebook and Instagram, and visit their website,


  1. I enjoy going to farmer's markets and believe in buying as much local produce, meat, and eggs as I can. We have an excellent place in the city where I live, and one that is not too far from the town where I work!


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