Monday, March 24, 2014

Reunited with good friends

The best thing about meeting old friends is that you can effortlessly pick up where you last left off; it doesn’t matter that years and miles separate you from the last time you saw them, or that the kids have all grown about a foot. You just seamlessly melt back into the friendship you had, and wonder at how small the world can be despite the immense size of it.

Our Greek friends from Clermont-Ferrand moved to Oklahoma last year, and thanks to business in Charlotte and Greenville, we have been able to spend a bit of time with them. These were the friends that so kindly welcomed us to Greece for our summer vacation, and along with Maël, Stephane and Lauris were the “three amigos.” Only two days separate them in age! (And Maël, we missed you and your family, and thought of you often!) 

For two days last week we enjoyed time just hanging around, getting caught up and relaxing, but along with the weekend came some beautiful weather and the chance to show them around town. Saturday we spent downtown, starting off in Falls Park and working our way to the Children’s Garden before finding all nine Mice on Main.

It is so easy to take our little town for granted, but through the eyes of our visitors we learn to appreciate it more with every tour. Not every town can boast a waterfall in the middle of the city, or such a family-friendly downtown… We are lucky to call Greenville our home, and luckier still that here our paths cross with such good friends.


  1. How fun that you get to caught up. I agree Greenville is a town made for families. I took it for granted living there pre-kids.

  2. We miss you all as well !!! Maël is turning 4 today... I can't beleive it. I still remenber them crawling on the ''parenthèse'' 's floor... lol




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