Friday, March 21, 2014

The first days of spring - a teaser?

With a couple of 70˚ sunny days heralding the first days of spring, I find the rumors of another winter storm in the works and the weather forecast of nights below freezing in the coming week hard to believe. I’ll be moving my starts back inside, but I don’t think there is much hope for the one tomato plant I tucked into a bed in the backyard; more of an experiment than an attempt at anything, it felt so nice to plant something (anything!) after this long winter. However, the lovely warm days have encouraged the flowering trees, and the redbuds, cherries and pears, which are all at peak bloom. The forsythias are just winding down along with the daffodils, but it will not be long before the tulips start to bloom as the creeping phlox is colorfully reappearing all around town.

The pansies are really outdoing themselves this year - most survived the winter!

Our celebration of spring continues, with lots of time spent outdoors as well as the outdoors brought in. The cherry branches blooming on our living room table bring back memories of our wedding, with blooming dogwood on every table. And I admit to moving the vase of daffodils from room to room, based on where I’m spending the most time. But the event that makes me certain that spring is in the air was our first dinner outside. There is only a limited season that evenings outside are so pleasant (before the heat and the mosquitoes) and I intend to take full advantage of our window this year.

The boys went for their traditional shamrock shake on St. Patrick’s day. My understanding is that they would rather drink sprite than that “green thing” but tell that to dad…

Along with the beginning of spring is the resurgence of regular outdoor playdates, as well as another wave of visitors. Some very good friends of ours from our days in France swung by for a few days, and will be back this weekend. I look forward to spending more time with them, showing off Greenville and the foothills, sharing some of our favorite spots to eat and watching the boys get reacquainted with some “old” friends.


  1. Springtime was always my favorite season in Greenville, closely followed by fall. I love the shamrock shake tradition.

  2. Shamrock shakes are a tradition! Love the green outfits. Go Green!

  3. What is Shamrock shake? Whats is inside? Looks interesting!:)

    1. That's just the thing Inese, - I'm not sure what's in it! :) A green milkshake, basically - as for ingredients, you would have to take a look at the McDonald's website...

    2. Other than being green, they are mint flavored. (And they are available only around St. Patrick's Day.) However, given they come from McDonald's, you probably do not wish to read the ingredient list! :-)

  4. Nothing nicer than the change of seasons, especially to Spring after a long those Shamrock shakes. The boys are getting bigger! And how lovely that Grandma has been for a visit, judging by the pictures in your last Post it looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Mel x

  5. I hope Spring has finally found its way to you. The weather down here has been schizo. I think we're going straight from winter, to summer.


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