Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mice on Main - a scavenger hunt

It’s the little things that make Greenville such a wonderful town to live in; in this case, really little things – mice! (Warning: If you haven’t already found the mice, this post contains pictures and information of the mice and their locations.)

“Goodnight Moon” is one of my boys’ favorite books, it was written by Margaret Wise Brown, author of “The Runaway Bunny.” They both enjoy searching for the little mouse that appears in nine different scenes in the book… but maybe it isn't the same mouse, instead a consortium of mice?

A boy named Jimmy Ryan also loved searching for the mice in “Goodnight Moon,” and when it came his turn to do a high school senior project, he came up with the idea of creating a special scavenger hunt in downtown Greenville. Because he imagined it to be a family of mice that appear in the story, South Carolina artist Zan Wells created nine bronze mice which were then hidden along Main Street between the Hyatt and Westin Poinsett hotels. We enjoy searching for the mice every time we stroll down Main Street, and we recently even brought our mommy-toddler group downtown to introduce them to the Greenville mouse family.

Millie might be the hardest to spot... unless you're shoulders above the competition!
The first mouse, Marvin (they’ve all been named) poses next to a bronzed sculpture of the book “Goodnight Moon”, which used to be adjacent to the fountain in front of the Hyatt. Due to the renovations of NOMA square, said fountain is no longer there and the mouse has been moved to a large boulder. Another mouse, the Piazza Bergamo mouse, has also been moved during construction, and it is not clear whether it will be returned to its original spot.* For the Mouse Hunters out there, be sure to step into the lobby of the newly constructed Project One building… whether it is Marcley the mouse that appears in the specially commissioned painting I really can’t say, but he does bear a close resemblance!

The cousins with Marvin the mouse before the remodel of NOMA square
For the hints that will lead you on a successful mouse hunt, be sure to take a look at the website before your visit to downtown. You can always run into Mast General Store for a free scavenger hunt fact sheet as well.

Līga checks another one off the list
As if nine tiny sculptures on six city blocks don’t provide enough of a challenge, there is the mysterious tenth mouse. Not part of the official Mice on Main series, the tenth sits at the feet of General Greene in front of the Greenville News building, drum in paw.

So now that you know Greenville doesn’t have a rodent infestation, please know that there are many more cool things to do and see in this town: while looking for the Mice on Main who knows what else you’ll find!

*Update 7/23/2013
All the mice have returned to Main Street after construction, for updated clues please visit the Greenville Mice on Main scavenger hunt page!


  1. This is one of my favorite things about Greenville, and I didn't even live there when I had kids!

    1. I know, right? Glad to have the kids as an excuse to snap some photos and take a closer look, before kids it just looked weird :)

  2. I liked the mouse quest a lot - there's a Greenville mouse "hiding" in my Chicago kitchen now! (I didn't know about the names... suggestions for ours?)

    1. Has to start with an "M"... like Marvin, Maggie, Millie... Maybe Mikelis, or Minna, since it is hiding in a Latvian kitchen?

  3. Such a nice and long lasting idea from artists!:)

    1. I agree. Luckily there are many interesting sculptures in the area, we have a lot of exploring left to do!


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