Monday, November 28, 2011

Première coupe de cheveux

Another big event this month, Lauris got his first haircut! He really didn’t have much hair as a baby, so I had been reluctant to cut any of his wispy locks. There was a short period of time when his hair seemed to have a reddish tint, and as he looks a whole lot like Roberts I was rooting for a little auburn so that my genes would make an appearance as well. However, the more hair he gets, the more blonde it looks, and the hair on top especially was starting to get very long. He was getting some perma-bed-head from sleeping on his back, and although I was hoping not to have it cut too short, I did wish that we could get rid of some of that fuzz and the strands that were getting in his face.

Finally after yet another skype conversation with his grandfather in Kalamazoo where the topic of haircuts was brought up, I decided it was time (plus it would be a nice surprise for dad when he gets home from his business trip!). We cruised past a barbershop that had been recommended by a friend as being great with children, but they were booked full and the barber seemed a little surprised at how young Lauris was. So we went to the park, and stopped in the local salon on our way home to see if they could cut it. The woman took one look at little angel Lauris and made me promise to come back at 5pm that very day, of course she would give him his first haircut!

We returned as promised, mom with a bagful of books, toys and dread that we would have a disaster in the chair, Lauris with his flyaway hair doing a number from the static of his hat. He watched with interest as she finished up another customer’s hair, and then both women fawned and flirted with him as the bill was settled and au revoirs were said. Then, as I was busy pulling out Lauris’s books and toys, the hairdresser scooped Lauris up, sat him in the chair up on a booster seat, threw a special Mickey sheet over him and buttoned it behind his neck, and Lauris didn’t even bat an eye! It was as if he was a regular and was ready to talk baseball! She snipped away, and I was relieved to see that the distractions weren’t necessary and I was going to have my hands free to snap some photos.

Not even ten minutes later my little wild-haired boy had been transformed into a proper toddler, I had an envelope with a few snippets for the memory book in hand, and my camera with première coupe de cheveux pictures was stowed. As I bundled Lauris up and buckled him in I asked how much I owed. “Un cadeau” she replied, a gift, it is his first haircut.


  1. Now he is ready for his Hollywood premiere!

  2. That is super sweet that she did it for free! :) He looks great!

  3. he looks great with his new haircut! We've been cutting Nathan's hair since he was 7 months old, he doesn't handle it nearly as well as Lauris did.


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