Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A portrait of an 18 month old

The verdict? 87 cm, which is 2 ft 10 ¼ inches, and 12.3 kg, or 27.1 lbs. 97th percentile for height, I can’t imagine where he gets that… Lauris’s 18 month check-up went smoothly, this brave little boy didn’t even cry after receiving his shot. Although he was scared to use the step-on scale and ended up being weighed on the baby scale.

LŪK on Veterans Day, 1.5 years and one day old

Our 18 month old is a mini-person now. He adamantly shakes his head yes or no in answer to our questions, and most often mimics our tone when saying the words and . His goodbyes remain an atā in a singsong falsetto, and mamma is probably his most often used word, because he uses it whenever he needs anything, which ranges from food to the toy he yet again has dropped behind the couch. LŪK is really into his cars now, he has on more than one occasion taken his dump truck and helicopter to sleep with him, and one of his favorite things to do is carry them from room to room and line them up on whatever shelf or available surface he can find.

We often stop to watch the construction site near Place de Jaude and the grocery store, he has become more interested in the equipment lately than before, when only the movement of people would hold his interest. Today we were only feet away from the concrete truck that filled a giant bin that the crane then hoisted high over our heads to the middle of the site. The cranes might be his favorite equipment; he spots them even from his car seat, and often times when neither his father nor I have noticed them.

Books retain his attention for longer and longer periods of time, he can “read” by himself for some time now before wanting someone to provide names to the things he points to (although he’s quite adept at pointing them out himself when asked). He’s developed the cutest sounds for some animals, which mostly sound nothing like the animal (imagine an elephant saying “woo”, but this is accompanied by a hand wave as if lifting an imaginary trunk) but have become instantly recognizable to his mother’s ears. His favorite books are the “lift the flap”, peek-a-boo and moving parts variety, but he spends more and more time with his “dictionaries,” books that have pictures of objects/animals grouped into subjects with labels next to them. I’m learning some new vocabulary along with him: did you know a jellyfish is called medūza in Latvian?

Our little vacuum cleaner is not turning out to be a picky eater so far. Sometimes he needs a little encouragement to try something new, but mostly he at least gives a bite before deciding he doesn’t want any. His meals consist of whatever the adults are eating, but similar to many children, anything that comes from his mother’s plate is more desirable than what’s on his.

With his father in Place de Jaude

The sleeping leaves a lot to be desired. As in a lot of sleep.

Lauris has mastered walking, climbing, clapping, pointing, picking up, opening and closing, and is even showing promise in using the potty, and we are currently practicing jumping, throwing and puzzle-putting. Although judging from the speed with which he completes his train puzzle and the plastic toy he beaned me in the head with yesterday, at least two out of three of those are moving along smoothly (and the third is probably more limited by his pregnant mother's ability at this point than Lauris's skills).

We’ve started talking to him a lot more about the soon-arriving baby, and usually have a willing audience since he’s captivated by anything belly-button. When asked where the baby is he’ll point out my belly, but is becoming increasingly frustrated by my disappearing lap. I think our little Ūsiņš will make a wonderful big brother.

Wishing my little monster a happy 1.5 years, and looking forward to the next six months…


  1. This is fantastic. I'm always somewhat surprised that we make our lives wherever we are.

  2. Happy 1/2 Birthday to your little guy! It goes by fast doesn't it?

  3. He will be a builder! How many blocks can he stack?!

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  5. What a nice collection of images and reflections of life with a little man. I love the guys by the fountain! Amazing.
    I'm stopping by from POTM from Laura's blog HH UK.

  6. I remember driving around town looking for construction sites to watch with our little man. It is amazing to watch a person grow up. What a wonderful keepsake post you have here :)

    Thank you for sharing it with Post Of The Month Club! XOLaura


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