Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

As a Latvian-American, Thanksgiving has always been a holiday celebrated a little differently from my American friends. As they all headed home for four days of family, food and football, I was usually catching a train/plane/ride to another city for that year’s annual ALJA Kongress. As a member of the American Latvian Youth Association (in the last years a board member), the annual board meeting and elections were very much anticipated, as was the party, the reunions with friends long not seen, and the chance to be a tourist in yet another American city.

At the last Kongress I attended, I was up in front serving as secretary for the meeting of members when the motion was submitted and voted „yes” on to congratulate me on “the bun in the oven.” (Submitted by my wonderful husband, this was also our first big public announcement on the pregnancy!) This also turned out to be my last Kongress; even though one can be a member until the age of 35, I decided to pass on my board position of treasurer to the next capable hands, spent one year serving on the board of advisors and am now content watching my younger siblings enjoy the annual shenanigans.

Hard at work at my last ALJA Kongress
Here in France Thanksgiving has taken on a whole new meaning. Although we were in Clermont for the holiday last year, we hadn’t really met many Americans, and so we celebrated our thanks just the three of us, my husband, Lauris and I. This year, we will be attending the annual Thanksgiving and Harvest Fellowship Thanksgiving celebration hosted by Christ Church Clermont along with well over 100 other English-speaking residents of Clermont-Ferrand and the surrounding area. I have had the traditional turkey with trimmings on Thanksgiving before; living in Georgia I spent one Thanksgiving with the wonderful family that I rented my little house from. However, this will be my first real American Thanksgiving and I find it incredible ironic that it will be in France

I have so much to be thankful for this year, and as my stomach expands and my emotions escalate, I find myself often in tears over all the wonderful family and friends, old and new, that are here with us in France. Whether you are here in person, through skype, with letters, cards and packages, or with us just by reading this blog, I value your friendship, your kind words, your thoughts and your love. Happy holidays.


  1. It is ironic that your first American thanksgiving is in France! I hope you loved it and had a wonderful day! :-)

  2. I was thinking of writing a post about Thanksgiving too.

    Also, I guess having seen some photos on FB from Kongress, I found myself wondering... am I really and officially too old for Kongress? But you answered my question...not quite yet, although, if I am back in the States in the next few years for a Thanksgiving, I can promise you I won't be spending it at Kongress. Funny how life just changes....priorities change... and kids take over everything! ;)


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