Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A victory all the same!

Sunday was a big day in France... The French rugby team, Les Bleus, played the New Zealand All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup final. Some predicted a blowout, but it turned out we were in for a great game. The final score was 8-7, and in my opinion France should take great pride in the team that was not expected by most to go this far in the tournament.  Up to the last minutes, there was a chance at victory.

We managed to squeeze in a breakfast of plānās pankūkas during halftime, eating quickly in order to get back to the game. After lunch we headed into town, where the mood was definitely subdued, despite the gorgeous fall weather. Should France have won, the streets that day and evening would have been full with revelers and cars honking horns in victory, but fans now must wait four years for another opportunity at the next Webb Ellis Cup.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck to Les Bleus for next year. I know how involved we get in our sports teams. Don't you hate to see the season end?


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