Monday, October 24, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thanks to Aiden at Conjugating Irregular Verbs for passing on this award! It feels like a kind of bloggers' chain letter, but at least in the place of 'threats of terrible things to come if I don't pass it on', I've been called stylish :)

Being 27 weeks pregnant and surrounded by très chic French women doesn't help one feel super-stylish. Especially being surrounded by très chic pregnant women who wear their bump like a fashion accessory. Which is why I have little tricks of my own to make me feel like a fashionista, if not exactly look like one...

1. The hair band. I take that extra roomy pair of cute jeans I bought after Lauris was born, then wrap a hair band around the button to close the top. Putting off wearing pregnancy jeans for another three weeks, worth it!

2. The BellaBand. Guaranteeing the nice folks at the local Carrefour won't have to see the undercurve of my bump or my bare back while I'm packing the stroller or picking up after Lauris. Because I don't always realize that my clothes are fitting funny, and I do want to wear my stretchy shirts for a few more weeks.
3. Lots of walking. Lauris and I go out every day: to the store, to the park, to playgroup or just around the block, but we walk everywhere. The fresh autumn air (even if getting a tad chilly) helps clear the head, and I believe this lifestyle agrees with pregnancy.

4. Fresh flowers. Who doesn't feel like their home is straight out of Real Simple with a bouquet of dahlias from the marché on their dining room table?

5. Comfy shoes. OK, this one is actually anti-style, especially if comparing my gym shoes to the gorgeous boots coming out of the afore-mentioned French women’s closets. But come on, cut the pregnant woman some slack!

6. One or two more-expensive pregnancy outfits. On those days I really feel clumsy and hormonal, I put on that soft woolen sweater my sister helped me pick out (insisting that it's ok to buy a few articles of clothing that cost too much, even when you will only wear them a few months, because by gosh, you're worth it!) or that bump-hugging trendy black top. It boosts self-esteem and reminds me that pregnancy is a wonderful time to be enjoyed... because in three more months when that screaming bundle of joy is around there'll be even fewer days of feeling stylish.

7. Roberts. Makes me feel like the most beautiful woman on earth... Even if he does sometimes bump into my belly as if he wasn't expecting it to be there. <Smile> 

I would like to pass the award on to these lovely ladies:
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And Barbara at Footprints in the Sand for her two-weeks-more-pregnant-than-me style!

(Step 1: Your list of 7 things. Step 2: Pass it on!)


  1. You look great!! I love your tips...I've still been doing the hair band around the jeans! Thanks for the award, I can't wait to pass it on!

  2. Pregnancy makes its own style. I think you look great!

  3. Liels paldies Liene!! P.S. You look absolutely fabulous! Bucas!!


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