Friday, October 28, 2011


I have been amazed by the countries that people view my blog from: France to Latvija to the US, Mauritania to Suriname, I’ve had to refer to an atlas one or two times for a quick geography lesson. The world seems so small at times! However, a few days ago I had an unexpected visitor to Femme au Foyer, brought to my blog by and the funniest search keywords (in my opinion) to date….

“Is truffade safe in pregnancy?” the reader wished to know.

Uh oh, if it isn’t, I’m in trouble! Just like my cravings for cheesy-fries-with-bacon during my 1st pregnancy, I’ve finally been hit with the potato-cheese-bacon cravings in the 2nd. And truffade fits the bill perfectly! A traditional Auvergne dish, truffade ranges from a casserole to a thick pancake made with potatoes that are first fried, then mixed with thin strips of tomme cheese and lardons, or bacon. Although the version I make at home is more of a casserole and less the cake you’ll see in a restaurant, a cook really can’t go wrong with tons of cheese, bacon, butter and potatoes!

I first discovered truffade shortly after our move to France, and it has been a favorite ever since. When asked, most expats will give an immediate response to “best truffade in Clermont-Ferrand?”, and I have set out on a quest to find my favorite as well. So far I have not met one that I didn’t like, and thus far my favorite is at Le Dôme, a brasserie in Centre Jaude (right next to the movie theatre). Served with ham, sausage or steak, a giant pan is delivered straight to your table, along with two wooden spoons to serve the molten cheese and potatoes. I’ve also eaten at several of the “traditional Auvergne food” restaurants and enjoyed myself immensely each time, although a common refrain seems to be “I should have brought a tupperware” due to the enormous helpings. But there are still dozens of restaurants to visit!

So to the pregnant reader I must reply, “everything in moderation.” But if it weren’t for truffade, this pregnant woman would be eating a ton more chocolate!


  1. That must have really thrown you when you first read her question. I'm glad it's safe for you - and maybe now she will enjoy it as well. Me, I'd never be able to give up chocolate. Good thing I'm not pregnant.

  2. Is chocolate safe?


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