Monday, September 15, 2014

Holy Hipster.

This was an eventful weekend here in Greenville, our top picks being Touch-a-Truck at the Westside Park on Saturday and Indie Craft Parade which ran Saturday through Sunday. Held at the historic Huguenot Mill at the Peace Center on West Broad Street, the fair is a showcase of local artists, a “celebration of handmade art.” We did a drive-by on Saturday and saw the line down the block and decided to return Sunday. The line was no shorter the following morning, but it moved quickly and before we knew it we were inside Huguenot Mill and browsing this year’s selected artists’ work. When Vilis started protesting I had a flashback to the first ever Indie Craft Parade back in 2010, which I also attended with an infant (Lauris) and my mother… After some yummy snacks and some final purchases I took little Vilis home, returning an hour later to pick up my mother who had wanted a longer look around. The line of people waiting to get in stretched even farther than that morning, and the people-watching available inspired the title of this post!

Saturday Roberts accompanied the boys and my mother to Greenville County Rec department’s Touch a Truck at Westside Park. We went to the City of Greenville’s Touch a Truck at the downtown market this past June and the boys really enjoyed themselves, and the event at Westside was no different (although maybe a tad louder?).

In addition to the usual fire truck and Greenville County vehicles, highlights included a cement truck with the extra-long hose (which was extended), a repair/recovery/tow truck adorned with Despicable Me characters and the brand new Greenville trolley. Although the helicopter wasn’t available, the boys didn’t miss it and had plenty of vehicles to explore. A big thank you to my mother & husband for getting the boys out of the house Saturday morning, and credit for the photos goes to my mom. It’s my understanding that we’ll be bringing ear plugs to next year’s event… 


  1. There are always so many wonderful events in Greenville for families. I think you live in a gorgeous area. I remember the first time we stopped there. It was when we drove downtown to see that gorgeous waterfall on the Ready River. We walked around that entire park/area. SO gorgeous.

    How's that big boy????? How are YOU?

  2. How cool that Greenville has all these events! I don't think I've heard of a touch-a-truck event in the DC area....


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