Monday, August 18, 2014

The new and improved Greenville trolley

On Thursday we had the distinctive honor of being the very first passengers on the new Greenlink trolley!

The brand new open-air trolleys have wooden benches seating 35, a bicycle rack on the front and a wheelchair-accessible door and seating in the rear. Televisions run scenic shots of Greenville while pleasant music plays in the background. There was none of the exhaust blowing back into the trolley as with the older ones (which possibly are the same vehicles that have been in service ever since the trolleys started running in 2006), and the ride was much quieter and more enjoyable.

In addition to the new trolleys, the route has been revised and service has converted from flag-stop to a fixed-stop. Look for downtown trolley signs about every other block on the new route, which can be found here. (However I didn't see too many signs, and the driver was stopping for people flagging her down, so I think that's still a work in progress...)

The benefits to utilizing this free service are many; less stress to park downtown, quick shuttling to and from the ball games at Fluor Field, the ability to enjoy the festivals downtown without having to drive (for those that live close to the trolley route in the North Main neighborhood) and a scenic way to show off the very best of Greenville from the comfort of a vintage trolley! We’ve often used it as a hop-on, hop-off mode of transportation when showing guests around town.

The new route still goes past Fluor Field

Thursday’s ride took us exactly 30 minutes to complete the entire route, and we had to promise to take the boys back the next day in order to get them to disembark…  The hours of operation are Thursdays and Fridays 6pm until 11pm, Saturdays 10am until 11pm and Sundays 1pm until 8pm. The trolleys run year-round - I can't wait to see them decked out in holiday lights!


  1. Sounds like a super fancy trolley, and a great mode of transportation!

  2. Love that new trolley. When I lived in New Orleans, my kids even rode the trolley (called streetcar down there) to school. What a great experience for them.

    Hope you are feeling okay... That baby is due soon. Right???


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