Monday, September 29, 2014

Wild for Reading

Vilis went to the zoo for the very first time last week! His big brothers were more than happy to show him all of their favorite spots, although Vilis slept through most of it…

One of the programs that is taking place weekly now that school is back in session is Greenville Zoo’s “Wild for Reading Wednesdays,” occuring every Wednesday at 2:30pm in the mini-amphitheater next to the farmyard exhibit. The education department puts on this program, which consists of reading a children’s book followed by a live animal presentation. Last week was a hoot, with a reading of Good-Night Owl followed by the opportunity to meet the cutest little rescued screech owl.

After petting the owl, the boys learned something they can do to help protect these birds of prey. Many times owls are hit by cars, and as the majority of the audience did not have a driver’s license, their role in prevention was simple, yet not so obvious – to stop throwing trash out the car window. The food and crumbs attract rodents to the roadside, which in turn attracts predatory birds, and it is while on the hunt for dinner that many owls get hit.

Once the program concluded the boys were in for a surprise. The Junior League of Greenville had set a pinterest-worthy table, complete with enough sweets for twice the amount of children attending! First the boys opened up Oreos and stuck them on cupcakes adding M&Ms for eyes and a beak to make their own edible owl. But soon enough they could dig into the popcorn and enjoy this lovely treat by the ladies of the Junior League – thank you!

On our tour of the zoo afterwards we noticed a few more new additions/changes, one difference being the new facilities just outside the zoo gates, complete with B-cycle station. Also, a fence has been put up around the elephant paddock, with some landscape work occurring inside. In addition the Angola Colobus Monkey enclosure was closed, with workers busy taking it apart. The changes there and to the tropical bird enclosure are part of the twenty year plan to modernize Greenville Zoo. Smaller improvements were also noticed, such as the addition of a set of blocks, wheelbarrow (in the first picture), crates and storage unit to the playground, designed by Community Playthings. The boys also stumbled upon a clue from “Secret Safari” which I’m not sure I had noticed before. After checking the webpage and learning more about this scavenger hunt, we will definitely be completing the Safari on our next visit to the zoo.

Wild for Reading... Wednesdays
When: Wednesdays, September through May, at 2:30 pm
Where: Farmyard exhibit
Cost: Admission to the zoo


  1. Little Vilis sure is getting around. :) The owl cupcake is adorable!!

  2. How neat that Vilis's big brothers enjoyed taking him to the ZOO... There was so much fun at the zoo for the kids ---plus some great education. We humans do so much damage to our birds of prey --when we even do little things (such as dropping chewing gum on the ground). A hummingbird got stuck on some gum --and couldn't fly. Luckily, a human did save him --but there are so many things which can hurt our birds... Great lessons for your kids to learn.



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