Monday, August 11, 2014

Flooding at 40 weeks

Considering we are coming up on week 40 of this pregnancy, I thought it would be about time to take note of the experience this time around, before the jumble of sleepless nights and sleepwalking days that are life with a newborn begin anew. We’re still neck to neck (well not quite, a giraffe’s neck is a smidgen longer) with Autumn and her pregnancy (as of writing this Sunday), but I will not kid myself – I know this pregnancy will continue only a few weeks, longest. I’m also not impatient for the little one to arrive; being my third pregnancy I know all too well how the pampered (if somewhat uncomfortable) last weeks of pregnancy suddenly descend into chaos, and I’m ready to enjoy those last days of being spoiled rotten!

Things that are different this pregnancy:
I’m not craving the bacon-cheese fries as much (who doesn’t crave bacon and cheese!) as with Lauris, instead I’m leaning more toward peaches and chocolate. As Mikus meant frequent evenings out in search of Clermont-Ferrand’s best truffade (also potatoes with ham and cheese), I take this to mean my husband will deliver with his promise of a girl.
I haven’t put on as much weight as with Lauris, another sign that a) it’s a girl and b) I’ve been laying off the bacon and cheese. Then again, I have a two year old and a four year old at home – the best way to not put on tons of pounds is to keep moving.

With this being the third child:
I’ve already gotten the first comment of “you know how (pregnancy) happens, right?” and with it the first inkling that the step from two to three is a big one. As I’ve got two sisters and a brother and my husband has one of each, three children seems normal; however census data indicates the average American family has fewer than two children. My question is, will we still be invited over to playdates at friends’ homes that only have the one child….
We’re pretty set on clothes. I can’t believe how many baby clothes I have amassed, and how many of them are neutral and suited for a girl. They’ve been washed, diapers have been purchased, the crib set up and nesting completed. Just absolutely crazy, this instinct to clean and clear and sort and ready!

With this pregnancy being back in the US:
As my first pregnancy in Greenville ended in high stress and C-section, we decided to go a different route this time around. I had a successful VBAC in France with Mikus, and that coupled with a better understanding of American maternal care and “the system” than during my first pregnancy has led me to the Greenville Midwives. Not only for crunchy/hippy mommas anymore, the midwives have provided stress-free, comfortable care completely different from the high-pressure, extremely clinical experience full of scare tactics and intimidation that I had at the hands of the staff at Carolina Women’s Health. I still expect to give birth at the hospital, only it will be on my terms, instead of the schedule of the surgical staff. The midwives aren’t far removed from the system in France, where I had one physician tend to me my entire pregnancy, doing the ultrasounds, performing needed exams, answering my questions and ultimately guiding me to the right path for a successful VBAC. I’ve met every single one of the midwives who could possibly be on call when the time comes, and I feel each one of them knows my history and will do all she can to help me achieve the safe and healthy birth experience I desire.

Things that are just not fair:
Tomato season rolling in just as the squished stomach and acid reflux of the third trimester come knocking.
Maternity shirts not designed for tall women, meaning even the most accommodating pregnancy tops leave my underbelly exposed. Thank goodness for maternity dresses!

For comparison - Sunday I took the picture on the right

Saturday evening we had a large storm move through the area, dumping as many as six inches of rain in some places. When we ventured out on Sunday we found that portions of Stone Avenue and Cleveland Park had flooded, leaving mud and debris covering streets, parking lots and playgrounds. With the zoo closed maybe Autumn has had a respite from her celebrity status and can concentrate on her labor? Baby Watch 2014 continues…

(And as far as Madame Zaritska goes, here is my birth experience prediction! - and the last prediction here!)
"The day you deliver, outside will be cold. Your baby will arrive in the late evening. After a labor lasting approximately 16 hours, your child, a girl, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 10 pounds, 11 ounces, and will be 17 inches long. This child will have dark violet eyes and a little patch of brown hair."


  1. How close was that prediction last time? Because only 17 inches and 10+lbs?! Yikes! But - wow - those falls sure look impressive!

  2. Wishing you well during your last days of pregnancy, Liene! Can't wait to see photos of that sweet little face... And don't worry– there will still be plenty of tomatoes around for you to enjoy!

  3. It is so nice that you are waiting/promised a girl. That will be lovely for sure after two boys. Family will get more famine.:)
    Your baby will arrive very, very soon. take care of yourself in the last days, maybe hours, and I hope that predict about 16 labour hours will not be true. I wish you natural and active birth. Can't wait to see your sweety:)

  4. I doubt your labor will be 16 hrs.... hopefully you barely get settled in the birthing room and baby #3 pops into your life! And 17 inches - pfft! Not from your tall family! Can't wait to meet little"Laimes skujiņa"!

  5. Hi There, Good Luck on the birth... Hopefully, you will have a healthy little baby at home with you soon. My thoughts are with you!!!

    I read about the flooding in Greenville. We love seeing those waterfalls there... Bet they'll have tons of clean-up to do....

    When it came to my 3rd child, most people thought I 'wanted' a girl since I had 2 boys.. But---I didn't really care. After all, I had all of the clothes there, and I KNEW how to raise boys... I had a 3rd boy --and didn't try for another.



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