Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A month of gratitude, part quatre

We had some additional guests last week; not only was my mother visiting to help with the transition, but my husband’s cousin Asja and her husband Brandon dropped in for a few days on their babymoon. Their tour took them to Chimney Rock in North Carolina and a bed and breakfast near Lake Keowee before stopping here in Greenville. The house was full, no doubt about it, but it was that pleasant (been away from family for too long so now we are soaking it in!) kind of full and I love for the boys to get all that extra attention.
We spent a wonderful day at Greenville zoo and even managed to catch Paula Deen during her appearance here. Because of all the extra help I was able to spend some much-appreciated time with my mom in the kitchen, trying some new recipes and giving canning a go.
Everyone left on Saturday, leaving the house suddenly quiet and empty. Not for long however, we had more than a dozen local Latvians over to celebrate the 18th of November, and Thursday friends are coming over for Thanksgiving. I wish everyone good luck with their Thanksgiving preparations, and may you have a wonderful week!

* Today I’m thankful that Thursday’s mishap wasn’t more serious. Brandon fell and broke his leg, necessitating a day spent at the local hospital. I’m just so grateful it wasn’t Asja, or my mother – Brandon, heal quickly, you’ve got to get back to babying Asja before the baby comes!


  1. Yikes. I hope your brother in law is feeling better soon!

  2. Haha!! Oh my!!! Paldies for the kind words and again for making Asja & I feel so welcome & getting me on the mend.

    Happy Holidays!!



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