Wednesday, August 22, 2012


My friend Barbara passed on some sunshine from her blog, Footprints in the Sand, to mine. As I’ve had my share of these fun, pass-it-on virtual hugs, I debated letting this one go, but I’ve changed my mind. I participate in a “Post of the Month Club” at Life on Planet Baby, and some of Jane’s recent posts have really resonated with me. More specifically, this post asks what/if anything has changed in blogging in recent years, as commercialism seems to be taking over the average blog. I’ve not been blogging for very long, but I do remember the big boost I got when I received my very first blog-award (I was called stylish!) So, if you're still reading...

Here's my little contribution of sunshine to blogland!

Accepting the Sunshine award requires that I answer these ten questions...

Favourite color? The blue eyes of my two little boys.
Favorite Animal? Most recently, a hedgehog. Not that we have one at home, or even that I’ve seen one recently. But I had to pick one, and the hedgehog beat out the owl and the polar bear this time!
Favorite Number? Three. The current ratio of males to females in this household.
Favorite Drink? A nice cold riesling. But something I can enjoy more often now that the closest Starbucks is just minutes (as opposed to hours) away, a decaf-mocha-frappuchino-no-whip. I believe it's simply because I could not have them in France that I want them now.
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook, although I wish I could stay away.
Your Passion? Not sure. This one seems to be an ever-evolving number of things. Hiking, reading and camping might have been replaced by mommy-ing and blogging. But traveling remains at the top of the list.
Giving or getting presents? Neither. Or both. One or the other.
Favorite Day? I have three: the day I got married, the day Lauris was born and the day Mikus was born. Corny? Yes. True? Also yes.
Favorite Flowers? Poppies. Sunflowers. Gladiolas. Roses. Maijpulkstenīši. Lavendar. Daisies.

I’ve decided I’m not very good at this 10 questions thing; I’d rather choose my own questions. So maybe the more important part of this post is the following list of 10 blogs I want to pass on some “sunshine” to? Maybe you want to take a look at some of them, maybe you have time to visit them all and say hi, but here is my attempt to spread a little sunshine:

The blog I mentioned earlier, Life on Planet Baby: Jane, thanks for all your recent posts, I wish you luck in your newest endeavours and I can’t wait for the next post of the month club!

And Here We Are... Ariana, I love your pictures, I love your chickens, and I hope you’ll accept this sunshine as a little token of my thanks for all your kind words and comments!

Coal Valley View: A Farmlet, 4 Kidlets and a Whippet: Mel, I’ve only been following for a very short while, but I sat down and read your back-posts for hours! An amazing trip, an amazing family, I look forward to reading more...

Diary of A Hobart Housewife: Romy – a mere au foyer! In Tasmania! One day I will travel to your part of the world, in the meantime I wish to read all about it.

Gina, (from The Baynhams), here’s some sunshine in honor of your seven years blogging! (And how is your meat tenderizer working?)

The Salad Days: Great Scott, it’s been five weeks since your cliffhanger of a post! Will some sunshine bring you back out? (And since I wrote this, she's baaaack! But with a plethora of news! Congratulations, and good luck!!!)

Still Life With Crockpot: Another regular writer for the Post of the Month Club, Jennie and I have been blogging for almost the same amount of time. Some rays of sunlight your way Jennie, for the sunshine you recently brought to your friend in Ohio.

Snaps and Blabs: On a journey around the world! Noticed in a recent post you were in search of the sun, well here’s some in return for taking me with on the next leg of your travels.

Mama Mzungu: Kim, I’m passing you on some sunshine in hopes that you can spread it around in your part of Kenya. I appreciate your honesty, keep it coming!

And last, but definitely not least, Grammy Goodwill! Grammy, you always have a kind word and comment for me, I hope these rays brighten your day as you so often brighten mine. Enjoy your retirement from blogland, and feel free to stop back in once in a while and say hi!


  1. Oh, thank you Liene! This is really sweet, and definitely brightened my day (night, actually!) I like hearing all of the little likes and tidbits from the questions you answered.

    I hope you don't mind if I answer the 10 Questions here!
    Favourite color? Can't decide. Something blue, green and lavender. Is that blue, after all?

    Favorite Animal? Goat. No question. I saved up my allowance and bought one when I was 10, and loved her dearly. I have had a very soft spot for them ever since.
    Favorite Number? Eight. It's something about the beautiful symmetry of the 8.
    Favorite Drink? Sangria! Or a really strong latte.
    Facebook or Twitter? I'll copy your answer: Facebook, although I wish I could stay away.

    Your Passion? Women's health. And food. I think they go together really well, actually!

    Giving or getting presents? Both. Gifts may be my #1 love language.

    Favorite Day? My daughter's birthday. I look forward to it ever year.
    Favorite Flowers? Peonies.There is just no more absolutely gorgeous and amazing flower out there!

    Thanks again, Liene-- this was fun, and I look forward to visiting the other blogs you listed.

  2. Thanks, Liene. It was very sweet of you to include me in your list of blogs. I have really enjoyed reading about your travels and learning about places I've never been. I'll give you a few answers here:
    Orange has been my favorite color for years.
    I love cats, but I haven't had one in almost 2 years since my beloved Spunky died.
    My passion is for public education. I think education is the key to a better life. This country has provided a free, public education for generations. That needs to be strengthened to ensure it doesn't falter.
    All my very best to you.

  3. I love that your favorite animal is a hedgehog :)

  4. Congratulations! It's always good to be appreciated.

  5. We've got loads of sunshine here in kenya now, so I'll save mine for the rainy season. :)

  6. Thank you so much Liene for mentioning my blog set way down here in Hobart. Tell me that 'mere au foyer' doesn't mean anything other than a different way of saying 'housewife' to your 'femme au foyer'?! My teacher here in Hobart taught me the 'mere' version (and in panic I've just double checked the book) and I said it often enough in conversation in France while I was there........I thought those funny looks were only because of my terrible accent.....! Rx

  7. Oh Liene, I'm just catching up here. Thanks for the sweet mention, my friend, not to mention passing on the Sunshine Award - you are such a dear. I'm so pleased to find a fellow blue lover, not to mention a riesling drinker! One day we must share a bottle of Australia's finest ☺. J x PS Romy's comment has me giggling!


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