Thursday, April 26, 2012

The people of Barcelona

Playing boule in the park next to Sagrada Familia

From all the cities in Europe I have visited, Barcelona is my favorite.

Texting "Honey, will you come pick me up? I found the pair of shoes I was looking for"

There are quite a few famous reasons, like Gaudí, but I base my choice on other grounds as well: the tapas, the historic Catedral, the flamboyant Ramblas, the green spaces, la Boquería, the magnificent architecture, the ocean… the people!

"You missed one"

I am already formulating my list for returning. I wish to stop on Costa Brava on my return trip to Barcelona, witness a sardana dance, eat more tapas, enjoy the nightlife, visit Museu Picasso, see the “Magic” fountains, hit the beach…

Just another day, clocking off the construction site... at Sagrada Familia

There are the places in this world that have a magnetism that draw me back again and again. To that list I add Barcelona.

Santa Maria del Mar square


  1. I love Barcelona too, and Spain in general. If you love Tapas though, you have to take a trip to the Basque country (San Sebastian) it is what they are known for!!

  2. Lovely photos - I love Barcelona but haven't been there for a few years - your photos make me want to return soon!

  3. ¡Hola! I love Barcelona, too, but I don't like pigeons at all, ha, ha
    Marta (living in Barcelona) :)


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