Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Maksīts to the rescue!

I did what I thought necessary upon hearing my husband would be taking a four day business trip leaving me alone with the two boys... I called in reinforcements!

Photo credit: Beatrice's mum
Maksis and his mother came to the rescue from Chatenet, providing an extra pair of hands and some much needed grown-up conversation in the midst of "get down from there!"s and "share, boys!". However, I will admit at times it seemed like there were four almost-two year olds in the house, not just two! I’m not sure if there was a single waking moment spent in quiet the whole time...

We did manage to have some fun. The warm days made for a few trips to the park, including a picnic with some other friends of Lauris (including the only subject of conversation around here lately, Ba-Ba, or Lauris-speak for his friend Beatrice) and their mummies.

Towers were built and destroyed, trains, planes and automobiles driven, flown and choo-choo’d all over the apartment, and night after night we all collapsed into bed exhausted. I believe I’ve had a glimpse of what life with twins may be like!

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