Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sophie, la girafe

I’ve heard every child in France has one*. I also restrained from buying one until about six months ago. Finally I caved in to the pregnant-questioning-my-mothering-abilities guilt and got one for Lauris, although he is a little older than usual to receive his first Sophie. And what is Sophie? La girafe! Born in France in 1961, I’ve heard rumors of desperate American moms seeking to be in the “in” crowd paying up to $50 for this 10 euro toy (but this just can’t be! has them for under $20.). 

So what ended up as an impulse buy has me pleasantly surprised. Six months later and Lauris still enjoys playing with it! The squeaker isn’t that annoying, and everything I’ve read about this toy is so very different from the mass-produced plastic toys of today. The pattern is supposed to be beneficial to a baby’s developing sight, and as the giraffe is made of 100% natural rubber it is advertised as safe to chew on: perfect for teething. There is also a distinct smell, which I thought might be obnoxious but as it turns out, doesn’t bother me at all. And for a small child, it would be incredibly easy to grab and play with, all those gangly legs and neck… Final verdict? I’m glad I finally bought one for Lauris; it’s a great toy for him to share with Mikus! And if any of our friends in the US decide their child absolutely must have this toy, get in touch and we’ll see if Femme au Foyer Inc. can’t import one for you!

Lauris and Sophie enjoying the view this morning

Mikus has already received his very own Sophie from my friend Marine and family who came to visit after we came home from the hospital. Not the same as Lauris’s, it wears an inner tube and is meant for bathtime. There’s all kinds of Sophie gear available, from teething rings to dish sets but I think this household has enough Sophie for now… one per child seems to be about perfect.

"Aw, mom! Enough with the pictures already!"

* From what I’ve seen, almost all French babies Lauris has met do have a Sophie. Most of them look well-loved, and a few mothers tell stories of lost Sophies wreaking havoc upon the household.


  1. Back when I was pregnant with HJ in 2008 I use to frequent a pregnancy chat board. Everyone was all about Sophie, so I caved and bought one. Seriously one of HJ's favorite toys as a baby.

  2. Ah yes, both Nathan and Noah have their own Sophies. We lost Nathan's original Sophie in Madrid when he was 6 months old and I can't tell you the drama that ensued! ;) It was promptly replaced with the Sophie he still has now.

  3. My [American born] son is 12 year old and still has his. A French tradition, definitely, and a cute one to boot! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. I love Sophie! There's actually a picture of her with my niece on my blog today :)

  5. The Eiffel tower is somewhat giraffe-y after all - the same body proportions, short legs compared to the long neck :-)


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