Friday, May 27, 2011

Rain and shine, warm and cold

When I offered our apartment as the back-up spot for this Friday’s mom & baby club meeting, I figured the chances of getting rained out at Jardin Lecoq were miniscule; to my recollection in our six months here it has never rained on a meeting day. Regardless, yesterday evening I cleaned a bit, then checked the weather.  Although overcast and cold, the rain was supposed to hold off until the afternoon, and so we all agreed to meet at the Jardin unless raining.

This morning we awoke to sunshine, ate breakfast to sunshine, packed a bag to sunshine, but then emerged from the apartment to clouds! By the time we got to the park it was drizzling, and after meeting a couple of the other moms there, we all headed back home to meet the rest of the moms who had headed straight to our apartment due to the rain. Disorganized and harried describes my state of mind at this point! We attempted to contact all the mothers we could to let them know of the change, but due to lack of preparedness I believe we may have missed a few.

But where are all the babies? Only 4 of the 10 in this picture!

A bit of chaos?  Of course.  But happily, we have had our official first visitors to the flat.  We look forward to more visits in the future; rain, clouds, sunshine or somewhere in between!

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