Friday, December 7, 2018

Baltic Christmas Day 7 - Baltic Inspiration!

Welcome to Day 7 of 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas! For your viewing pleasure, a collection of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian blogs, Facebook and Instagram pages, Pinterest boards, and other websites where you’ll find spectacular Baltic landscapes and plenty of holiday cheer!

With urban photography mixed in with winter scenes from the countryside, Krister Rajandu Photography’s Facebook page offers a look into the magical world of Estonia in the winter.

The beautiful scenes from Estonia of waterfalls adorned in ice and the northern lights dancing in the sky are otherworldly. Enjoy the changing seasons with Urmo Paju Photography!

I am continuously amazed by the variety of work from Kaspars Daleckis Photography. From timelapse video to drone aerial photography, his Latvian heritage often surfaces in his work.

Nils Sokolovs Photography, nature photography featuring the idyllic Latvian countryside. Get lost in the snowy landscapes of a Baltic winter!

Renatas Kripas Photography is based in Lithuania, and following his feed is watching žiema slowly overtake autumn in its annual march towards spring. 

Moving on to Instagram, there is no shortage of talented photographers from the Baltics. Here are just a few... 

Marje MetsaotsEstonian landscape photography, often featuring animals.

Juris Grinfelds. This Latvian photographer often uses drones for a different perspective, and his feed showcases the seasonal beauty of the region.
Paul Pauka is based in Vilnius. While his use of light is what originally caught my eye, the tapestry of colors reminds me of the traditional knit mittens from the Baltics.

Among the spectacular aerial shots are inception-style drone photos that curve reality. Valdis Skudre is based in Latvia.

Colors and textures in Lithuania with Andrius Kundrotas and his drone work. 

Pinterest is absolutely full of great idea boards, however a couple stand out. They post regularly, and the quality content is well-linked and sourced. 

Our Day 4 contributor, Baltic Imports, pins to the board Baltic Winter & Christmas which has everything from vintage postcards to traditional recipes and modern decorations.

And take a look at the Lithuanian Christmas Recipes Kucios for a mouthwatering selection of traditional recipes.

For the finale, I absolutely loved this series of images of icy lakes photographed from above. Mantas Bačiuška can also be found on Instagram

All the gorgeous snowy landscapes have me wishing for a white Christmas! We have snow in the forecast, so you'll find me curled up under a blanket with a hot beverage reading a book this weekend... That doesn't mean you shouldn't go out and enjoy one of the dozens of Baltic Christmas markets taking place around the world this weekend! Let us know about your favorite market by tagging #24DaysofaBalticChristmas, and if you have a favorite Baltic artist with a jaw-dropping feed that should have made this roundup, let me know in the comments!   

Tomorrow on the series we will be welcoming an artist out of Washington with her beautiful creations and thoughts on an Estonian Christmas… Stay tuned for Day 8!

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  1. I started looking at these photographers' work and went down the rabbit hole... an hour gone, easy! Came away uplifted, inspired, and awed by the beauty around us and by the ability of photographers to make great art with it1


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