Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Baltic Christmas Day 4 - The Gift Guide

On the Fourth Day of a Baltic Christmas we are excited to welcome Baltic Imports with a gift guide! From something to bring the hostess of the next holiday party, to gifts for all the Balts on your Christmas list, you’ll find plenty of gift ideas in the 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas Gift Guide!

Baltic Imports began as a family idea in the late 1980s, as a way to celebrate and support Latvia’s many artisans. It was important to us then, and still is now, that knowledge of folk arts and traditions were passed down--if artists were able to earn from their craft, they would be able to afford to also spend more time on it. As those artisans introduced us to their Lithuanian and Estonian friends, we opened a store in Minneapolis to share Baltic folk art more widely. Now, after 25+ years, our brick and mortar store has retired, but we still share and support Baltic artists and businesses through our online community on Facebook.

For little people

Agniazepa (LV) handsews baby sleeping bags and hand warmers for strollers. Dress little ones in fun clothes from Lulukids (EE) and Hebe (LV) and decorate with sweet animal pillows from ProstoConcept (EE), stuffed animals, rattles, and newborn sets from HomeIsDesigns (LT), and adorable wood toys from Mielasiela (LT).

For sophisticates & cool kids

Craftory (EE) make exquisite leather bags, satchels, and wallets, which match June 9's (LV) leather work on shoes and accessories for both men and women. Rozenthal Jewelry (LV) has a feminine, but modern flair on jewelry. Northmen craft guild beings together various expertise to create tools, knives, and more.
Decorate yourself (temporarily) with ethnographic tattoos from Wink Tattoos (LV). Or hang a giant sticker poster from graffiti artist Kiwie (LV) on your wall. Reflective jewelry from Dark Aid (EE) will stylishly keep you safe running or riding your bike in the dark. Cemme shirts (LV) offer you a modern way to wear ethnographic symbols. Ooloom (EE) sleep masks bring some fun to your nighttime rituals.

For home & holiday hosts

Baltic Rituals (LT) creates gorgeous soaps in the shape of Baltic amber. Ernesta Ceramics (LT) adds colorful bowls and mugs to your table, while Miesai and Kaltene add a bit of vintage Latvian graphic flair. Bee In (LV) natural beeswax wraps keep your goods fresh. Vivi & Uoga Uoga (LT), as well as Joik from Estonia have whole lines of natural goods for the home and body.

For foodies

Import restrictions can make food harder to come by, but luckily there are several import companies stateside that bring in Baltic goods. No Lithuanian meal can begin without Christmas wafers. Decorate your holiday table with Baltic foods that can be ordered online: Estonian chocolatier Kalev & Lithuanian Pergale are available on Amazon, Latvian grey peas & sauerkraut via the Latvian community's Letts Shop in Toronto, Lithuanian sakotis cake by Lithuanian Club in Cleveland, Latvian dark bread baked by Black Rooster Food, and with a simple internet search, you can buy Riga Sprats virtually anywhere (from Walmart to World Market). Estonian liqueur, gin, and vodka is available at Woods Wholesale Wine. Search for local stockists or online retailers for Latvian and Lithuanian favorites as well at 1000 Corks.

Dreaming about doing some shopping in-person? Next December we will be leading a tour of Christmas markets in all three Baltic capitals. Join our tour email list to receive more information as it is available: instabaltica@gmail.com.

Please add your favorite Baltic gift ideas in the comments below!

Thank you to Baltic Imports for joining us today on 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas! I’m eyeing those tattoos, they seem like the perfect gift for my four year old! It’s wonderful to see the textile, ceramic and leatherworking traditions of the Baltic countries being so beautifully continued in modern times, and fascinating to see the variety of art coming out of the Baltics! For more Baltic-themed gift ideas, follow Baltic Imports on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They can also be found on Pinterest, with a board perfectly suited for this time of year: Baltic Winter & Christmas.

We hope to see you again tomorrow, here on 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas... we have a recipe for štovēti kāposti (sauerkraut) from a Latvian in Australia. And don’t forget to add your favorite Baltic gift ideas in the comments below!


  1. I love how many of my favorite Baltic brands were mentioned here!

  2. I love that more and more interesting, unique, and beautiful things made in the Baltics or by Baltic artisans can be found each year - and worldwide shipping is pretty efficient! Now, if only I won a lottery....

  3. We agree! So many beautiful new ideas each year from Baltic artists, many more than we could list here.


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