Friday, April 8, 2016

Guntis does Greenville

The world-renowned Baltic languages professor was in South Carolina for a conference, and was able to sneak in some time with us. In addition to the usual tour of downtown that we offer guests, he also got to take a special trip out to Furman University with the boys.

The Furman clock tower
Dr. Charles Townes statue, downtown Greenville
The famous Falls Park beech tree

Chihuly, Falls Park

Spring in Falls Park

Max Heller, downtown Greenville

Liberty Bridge, Falls Park on the Reedy River

Taking a break in M Judson bookstore

Searching for the Mice on Main

Falls Park on the Reedy River

See what all you can do in a couple days’ time? Currently accepting reservations for the months of April and May…

Gen. Nathanael Greene, downtown Greenville

1 comment:

  1. Yes, one definitely can do a lot in a couple of days. I'd love to come for another visit (or maybe meet just Femme somewhere!). Love the photo of break in the bookstore. :)


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