Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Music Adventure

A few weeks ago we joined in on a Music Adventure under the giant oak at our friends’ property in Piedmont. It could not have been a nicer day for outdoor learn & play, and WolfOak was the perfect spot for this musical journey with Lynne Holcombe!

We’ve attended the Music Adventure! music sessions in West Greenville previously. The in-studio classes take place at The Wheel* in the Village Arts District and are for kids ages 8 and under. These classes have a max limit of 8 kids and are tailored to specific age groups, so it was interesting to see how the dynamics of a large group changed the program.

The kids were enamored with Lynn; she was the pied piper leading them on a musical playdate complete with singing, dancing, drumming, parachuting and parading! Parents are welcome to participate although we mostly elected to enjoy the moment from afar, snapping pictures and grinning at the antics of our little musicians.

Although the session wrapped up far too quickly for the likes of Lauris and Mikus, they were in need of a break… enter the Nomadik Few with their gourmet shaved ice! I don’t know how Mark arranged this double treat, but he deserves a pat on the back for giving the kids exactly what they wanted on a warm, sunny day – outdoor play and a cool treat! With more than two dozen organic and sugar free flavors, the shaved ice is served with fully biodegradable bowls, spoons and straws. Nomadic Few are available for catering, bringing their unique (and built from 100% reclaimed wood) mobile hut along for the full experience.

If you’re interested to learn more about the Music Adventures program please visit or Lynne also teaches private lessons for all ages in piano, guitar, banjo, ukulele and general music theory; “Music Adventure sessions cover a wide range of concepts and topics including exploration of rhythm, melody, tone, dynamics, tempo, harmony, texture, theory, history, cultures, themes, rhymes, and other basic music elements through age appropriate use of songs, instruments, stories, puppets, dance, movement, improvisation, numbers, letters, colors, kindness, sharing, team work, problem solving, listening, interacting with props, fellow music lovers and adventure!”

*Side note on The Wheel – you may remember I wrote about taking a tour of Eliza Lord’s home garden here in Greenville. It turns out the garden in the lot next door to the music studio is the Appalachian Feet teaching garden, with weekly gardening times on Wednesdays at 4pm. For more information visit or An example of upcoming classes is Saturday’s “Farmscaping: How to Get Plants to Manage Their Own Pests, Diseases, Weeds, and Moisture.”

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