Friday, June 19, 2015

Eglītes - the new man bun

So I didn’t know what a man bun was. And then my mother came to visit and of course I ended up googling it, and it’s a thing (although if you can trust the Detroit Free Press it’s a ‘do women hate). It’s also probably over, since I only find out about things once they’re passé.

Of course the circumstances that brought us to the man bun conversation are relevant; we’ve invented a word. Well, actually it is a new use for an old word, but it’s now being used on a regular basis at our house and I think will hit mainstream conversation soon.

eglīte -es, dsk. ģen. -šu, s.
vīrietim ‘zirgaste’, veidota galvas pašā centrā

The Latvian word for “little spruce” now also refers to a men’s ponytail, preferably on the top of his head. Originating as a way to keep Vilis's locks out of his face in the heat until his mother works up the courage to give him his first haircut, most popular with Mikus, often prompting smiles from even the most serious adult.

Of course there’s also the ponytail beard. Thanks dad! 

In order to not end on a note of facial hair, here’s a video showing the traditional Latvian folk costumes in a whole new light. “Katram savu tautas tērpu. Latvia Suits You. Dienrāža 2016 fotosesija.” Happy Friday!


  1. Hilarious! And I loved that video when I saw it. However, I think someone needs to begin a campaign encouraging women to wear their 'vainags' or 'aube', because I am tired of seeing photos of women wearing a beautiful tautas terps without anything on their heads.

    1. You know Daina, the lack of vainags or aube doesn't bother me as much as the incorrect tautas tērpi - the stylized ones on little kids, or various regions mixed into one. But then again married women wearing vainagi grates on me too :) Such tautas tērpu snobs!

    2. I'd much rather see a married woman with a vainags on her head than nothing at all - just looks incomplete. Some of the little kids' stuff we see is actually correct - as apparently no one would have put a small growing child in a full, expensive tautas terps!


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