Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Upstate encased

With Presidents’ Day on Monday and inclement weather holidays yesterday and today, Greenville kids have gotten a little winter mini-break.

On the other hand, most of our plans this week have been cancelled due to hazardous driving conditions. So hello, stir-crazy.

 Dad waited until the roads were safe to head to work yesterday, and we had a couple of hours to explore the frozen milieu with him in the morning.

Luckily there was little wind in our neck of the woods, and so other than a branch or two our big trees are still intact and power remained on.

My hyacinth came up a little early this year, I don’t think it will make it. And the carrots, radish and salad that have been slowly but surely producing for us all winter are probably goners. But oh, it was gorgeous outside – our own Frozen.

I was amazed at the vibrant colors magnified by the ice.  

Even our lawn had been transformed, with delicate Chihuly sculptures emerging from the ground.

The boys were less enthralled with the world of ice, as what little wasn’t too hard to play with soaked their gloves in an instant. So we took it all in and then headed indoors for hot chocolate.

Because that’s what snow (ice) days are all about, aren’t they? Hot chocolate.


  1. Oh -how I relate to this post (since it's similar to the one I posted).. We were lucky also not to love our electricity nor any trees. However, like you, there are some bushes and plants which may not make it...SAD.


  2. Your photos are gorgeous. Warm greetings from a very cold Montreal, Canada.


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