Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The New Yorkers in Greenville

I think it’s about time I wrapped up the New Yorker’s visit! Once again, we managed to jam a ton of stuff unto a couple of days: the Willie Nelson concert and Artisphere being at the top of the list. A priority that weekend however, was to celebrate Lauris’s fourth birthday. Not to be left out, Mikus also celebrated his second birthday, which was four months ago…

Another highlight might have been our breakfast at Waffle House. Breakfast of champions, right?

Of course to work off that meal, we spent lots of time in the backyard; playing football, splashing in the pool, lounging around in lawn chairs… Check out this video of the boys getting their exercise!

Mikus got some time in with his godmother, I got spoiled a little by having all the extra help, and Roberts had some help drinking those beers in the fridge. Win/win?

Of course there were tears shed when it came time for A² to head back to NYC, but at least we had this weekend (and I guess I have to thank Willie for that?). Maybe the jetsetters will make it back to Greenville once the baby is born…

And of course once our guests left, back to work!!!

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  1. Hello Liene, hugest congratulations on your pregnancy!!!! How very exciting! You slipped that in so casually on one of your comments on my blog that I almost missed it! Very happy for you and the family...lovely to catch up on all your recent travels too, what a fun time you've all been having! Take care :-) Mel x


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