Thursday, January 23, 2014

TOW Mikus gets his first haircut

They do grow up. Mikus recently received his first haircut and although I wasn't as bad as Lauris's cut after Mikus was born (or should I say shear?) I’m very sad that under those impish bangs was a little boy, and a troublemaker at that.

Before and after, I should have put it off a few more months... 
Last week we celebrated a birthday several times, with cake, kliņģeris and guests. My three boys clean up pretty nicely, or so I think.

The cold weather has kept us mostly indoors, nursing our colds with hot chocolate and lots of Lego time, but we’ve ventured out on the sunnier days to get fresh air and burn off some of that energy (and hot chocolate). On the first long(er) hike we’ve taken without Mikus in the backpack carrier, we successfully circled Lake Placid for a one mile hike in Paris Mountain State Park. The boys carried their own weight, even packing their own snacks and water in their backpacks.

We’re looking forward to some out-of-town guests and another big birthday, and before you know it February will be here. Here’s hoping for some warmer weather – or – if Jack Frost insists on sticking around maybe he can provide some precipitation?


  1. It's crazy how much a haircut ages them! Every single time I get them cut I get a little teary-eyed.

  2. Aww, they look so nice in their suits in front of that beautiful klingeris!!

    And good for the boys for completing a mile-long hike on their own two feet with their own backpacks!


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