Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Independent Public Alehouse

It’s restaurant week here in South Carolina, meaning dozens of restaurants are offering special “tasting menus.” A great opportunity to sample what the restaurants here in Greenville have to offer, many participating businesses are offering a three-course meal for significantly less than what the same meal would usually cost. Restaurant week runs through Sunday, so you still have almost a full week to try out a new restaurant or revisit an old favorite. For a full list of participating restaurants, visit the Restaurant Week SC webpage here.
Although we’ve tried just one of the restaurant week menus, it feels like we’ve eaten out a ton more, likely because of all the visitors we had during the holidays. After three days of Christmas cooking it was a relief to sit down at a nice restaurant downtown, and another evening we took the grandparents out to a local favorite. When my parents came in we returned to Kannika’s Thai Restaurant, which has settled into its new location and is dishing up the same delicious menu, but a highlight was the night they watched the boys and gave my husband and me the chance to try out a new local spot (neither of which are part of restaurant week, but maybe should be!).

I wouldn’t have noticed that the Poinsett Bar & Grill had changed ownership if not for an article in the January issue of Town. My mother pointed out the interview with Chef Daniel Dobbs, which was most memorable for the picture of the chef (formerly of The Cliffs Keowee Vineyards) with beard, apron, chef’s knife and “DoBBieQ Pig is our Gig” T-shirt. “DoBBieQ is a food concept that involves good local goods and good locals. It’s a line of smoked brisket, chicken, catfish and appetizers that incorporates a chef’s touch and some classical French methods.” Independent Public Alehouse (IPA) is the newest addition to the Greenville BBQ scene, and has the added bonus of live music.

Chef Daniel Dobbs, source: Town magazine
The smell emanating from the smokehouse was mouthwatering, and no sooner had we settled into a comfy booth than our server was there with menus and beer recommendations. Having settled that (there is a great local beer selection), we delved into the menu. The “smoking section” provides a choice of pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken, catfish or gulf shrimp served in a variety of ways: over grits, in a melt, on a salad, in a “Which”, or on a plate. Roberts went with the chef’s recommendation: the brisket over grits, garnished with bacon, pepper-jack cheese and green onion. I opted for a plate of the shrimp, because I was in the mood to try out several of the sides, including the featured mac & cheese. This dish changes every few days, and includes combos such as “PBR Mac,” “Quest Pumpkin Mac and Chevre” and garlic parm mac, the dish being served up on our visit.

Delicious food, great value!
I have this to say about dinner - this is good food, and these are great prices. On your first visit take the chef’s advice and try the grits… although the shrimp and sides were delectable, the brisket and grits was incredible. We stuck around for dessert even though we were both pretty much stuffed (because we could! Someone was watching the kids!!) and have nothing but good things to say about the fried pie. (Note to our server however, if someone asks you what fried pie is, don’t start off your description with the words “McDonalds apple pie”!)

It’s my understanding that IPA took over the lease of the former restaurant, and because of this must wait until the lease ends to put their name up on the building. Until then, you will recognize the spot for the appetizing smell of smoked beef and the live music, which continues even past 3am Monday through Friday. I wish the owners Michele and Alan success at this location; with local food, beer and music they have a winning combination.

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  1. Ah, I loved all of the restaurants in Greenville! Yum. What a great experience.


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