Friday, May 24, 2013

Grandparents in Greenville!

Once again I had a long list of things I hoped to accomplish, places to visit and errands to run while my parents were here. A couple of doctor’s appointments coincided with my mom’s visit (she stayed a bit longer than my dad), but otherwise it again felt like the week passed much too quickly and we didn’t accomplish much that I had hoped to. Luckily that Saturday the boys made it to the mountains to do the normal sightseeing circuit; as it was my father’s first time in Greenville I’m happy he was able to experience a little of the mountains in addition to exploring the town.

My sister got a similar tour during her visit, as have many other friends and family that have been to the area. For additional background and information on the various stops, visit the post Zinta and the Blue Ridge Escarpment. First up is Wildcat Branch Falls, a waterfall right off the highway.

Next stop is Bald Rock, the bare granite outcrop with spectacular views.

This is usually followed by a short hike at Caesars Head SP. A side note; exciting news for Greenville, a new section to the Palmetto Trail opened last week. Once complete, this hiking trail will stretch 425 miles across the state of South Carolina, but the newest section (the 13.9 mile Middle Saluda Passage) has a trail head in Caesars Head SP. I can’t wait to hike it, especially since the discovery (or more likely re-discovery) of a 150 foot waterfall during the relocation of Hospital Rock Trail. But the boys didn’t do any long distance hiking while there, only a quick walk to the lookout and then down through the crevice to see Caesar’s profile.

From their pictures I can tell that after a quick snack at one of the picnic tables Mikus fell asleep, but it looks like they also visited the chainsaw art guy, Pumpkintown for some ice cream and Table Rock SP for a few more grandiose views of the mountains.

(Meanwhile back in Greenville mom and grandmother were running a hundred errands to prepare for Lauris’s 3rd birthday  party the following day as well as all those things that need to get done and just don’t happen with two kids in tow.)

The day after the party I packed up the boys and brought my father back to downtown Greenville for some last sightseeing. We found the Mice on Main, as well as stopped in Coffee Underground for dessert and a coffee.

Even with this last minute tour, I still feel like we left so much undone… the boys didn’t have a chance to take grandfather to the Soda Shop for an ice cream, or to the zoo to see their favorite animals. Of course there is always next time, but these visits never seem long enough. Thankfully my mother was due to stay a couple more days, just long enough to re-plant the sunflowers that Mikus has pulled up, to spend a dozen more hours reading to the boys and to help with the cooking of a few more meals.

Come again soon vectētiņ and vecmamma!

* Photo credits go to Roberts and the grandparents

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  1. A wonderful area to show to friends and family. Those views are beautiful.


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