Friday, May 10, 2013

Bonne anniversaire Lauri!

The Reedy River is swollen after 4 inches of rain last weekend and intermittent thunderstorms this week. We drove through a long line of storms Sunday, on our way home from Ohio from little Annalija’s christening, and my mother got more of the same on her drive down from Chicago yesterday. Luckily my dad’s flight today only saw sunshine, although according to him the mud in the rivers from all the recent rain was clearly visible from above. After a downpour ended on Tuesday we drove downtown to Falls Park to have a look, and found the waterfall looking something like this... (as opposed to this a few months ago)

The christening in Ohio was beautiful, we love how our family gatherings pull together relations from all over the US. The boys were spoiled silly, I was able to spend some time cooking and decorating (instead of the usual cooking and cleaning) and it was a great opportunity to dress the guys up a little.

And today Lauris turns three years old. I’m having some very mommy-moments thinking of the full circle we have come since then (to France and back), as well as how quickly the time has run by. He’s got some celebrating to do today, and as vecmamma and vectētiņš are here to help I’m sure it will be tremendous.

So stay tuned for a little kliņģeris and cake, a few pictures of the birthday boy with the Chicago grandparents and a note or two about the fun things we’ve planned!


Dear Tante Zinta,
So I’ve heard there have been a few questions on how I choose my blog material… as in, how your 6 day visit to Greenville resulted in four posts (well, five if you count TOW we picked you up at the airport), yet our two day trip to NYC has already resulted in four posts (and I think there is one more, because we saw a few more things after our visit to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden). I see how this can result in a few questions, mostly why Tante Zinta equates to 1 blog/36 hours and Krustmāte Anna to 1 blog/9.6 hours.

The answer is, that the math is really far more complicated than blogs/hour, instead the formula includes also T, time spent babysitting while I was at the dentist and D, diapers changed. Let’s not forget E, errands run which is directly inverse to %T, touristy stuff done. If I need to write another few posts on the value of having Tante Z around for a week while organizing a garage sale I can do that :) And if I have to consider calling you Tante Zee in order to avoid confusion between aunts and jams, I can do that too…


  1. You all look so smart in your outfits! We have had some lovely warm sunny weather here but now the rain has arrived again! Enjoy the birthday celebrations.

  2. Sveiciens Laurim 3 gadu Dzimšanas dienā!:) Lai aug vesels un iepriecina vecākus ik dienu!
    Zini, nekad visi nebūs apmierināti par blogā atspoguļoto! Arī man nākas dzirdēt, ka vienam tādas bildes par daudz, citam par maz, bet vēl citam kaitinošs šķiet mans bloga nosaukums! Tāda laikam dzīve! Labākais, ka Tev pašai patīk rakstīt blogu un Tev tas lieliski izdodas!:)


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