Friday, March 22, 2013

Rock Quarry Garden

A popular outdoor wedding spot here in Greenville, the Rock Quarry Garden is the site of a pre-Civil War granite quarry. Yet another waterfall in the city!

The cold weather and nightly freeze warnings have been interspersed with some bright and sunny days, and we took advantage of one such day to visit these gardens, managed by the Greenville Garden Club.

"Monelle and Perky" by Kevin Brady

In a few weeks the park will be ablaze with azaleas and the dogwoods will have bloomed, but on our visit we found colorful beds of pansies amidst the green grass. The stream runs right down the middle, teasing the boys with the prospect of splashing and rock-turning, but the chill in the air ensured mom kept them dry.

Close to Cleveland Park, the zoo and downtown, this oasis is another spot we will be returning to, the prospect of catching the park in spring bloom appealing.  We’ll pack a picnic and a change of clothes, and if the sun is warm enough there just might be some splashing involved.

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