Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Googly-eyed eggs

Growing up we mostly used the Latvian onion-skin method to color Easter eggs, but I remember a few times when my siblings and I cajoled our mother into using a store-bought dye set. It almost always made a mess, and the eggs never turned out very beautiful – at least that was my opinion. Plus, the natural way has the added bonus at the end; unwrapping the eggs to discover the designs left behind by the various leaves, flowers and blades of grass is similar to opening presents on Christmas morning!

I want the boys to experience a little of both worlds. Although they are a little too young to dye their own eggs, Lauris had a hand in collecting the leaves we used for this year’s eggs. He also helped in the tying, although after about one or two eggs he lost patience in the process and took off to play with trains. So when our playgroup organized an egg-decorating day I was glad to have the chance to try a different Easter tradition.

The kids had fun drawing on the hard-boiled eggs, covering them with stickers and gluing googly-eyes on. Mikus wasn’t able to participate just yet, but I predict that by next Easter he’ll have the sticker-sticking figured out, like Lauris this year. We had a mini egg hunt after which we went for a brisk walk on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.
The googly-eyed eggs are going straight in with the rest of our Easter eggs. I’m interested to see who chooses which eggs for olu sišanās, the egg war on Easter morning!

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  1. haha these are so cute and funny, looks like it was a lot of fun to make ! xoxo


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