Friday, February 22, 2013

Twin falls and the road kill grill

As you might be able to tell from these pictures, we were out in the country last weekend. Sadly, the Road Kill Grill was not open for business, the neon OPEN sign for Bob’s Place was not lit, and the timing was not right to see exactly what talent Pumkintown has. Don’t worry, I’ve written the dates into my calendar so you don’t miss it again next year. But you know what else the Upstate has? Beautiful scenery, complete with lakes, horses, waterfalls and friends come to visit.

Lake Keowee
We met up with Vija in Sunset, SC, as picturesque an area as it sounds. On our walk out to the lake we passed rows of grapevines, an old stone wall eliciting memories of our time spent in Bordeaux. There were stables close by and we couldn’t resist visiting with the horses before continuing on.

Make sure to take with directions such as these if you’re headed to Twin Falls (also known as Eastatoe Falls or Reedy Cove Falls), as the trail is unmarked. There is about a 0.25 mile hike to the base of the falls along an uneven dirt path. On our way we passed a swimming hole at the bottom of a beautiful slide that I’ve mentally noted for a return visit once the heat of the summer arrives. It's a little further on that Reedy Cove Creek splits into two, half rushing down 70 feet of bare granite, the rest cascading in several drops to form a beautiful waterfall that was worth hauling a sleeping baby out into the woods to see.

One lunch at the Pumpkintown Mountain Opry later we had our tour of the castle, after which it was time to head home. The trees were still bare and the air cold up on the Blue Ridge, and although it can be hard to believe spring is just around the corner, it is nice to think we’ll be back to witness the mountains awake from their winter slumber.


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  1. These beautiful waterfalls are settled in the Eastatoe Valley. They are an easy hike of about 1 mile. The larger of the two is about 75 feet high. I enjoyed this scenery before the grand canyon tour from los angeles. The trail starts at the end of the parking area. It is a short hike to the waterfalls, but it can be very slippery. Please hike responsibly.


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