Monday, October 29, 2012

The pumpkin patch

Not every day out picking apples is as “fruitful” as our day at Sky Top Orchard

One week before our trip up to North Carolina I took the boys to an apple orchard a little closer to home to meet a couple of other moms. It was a beautiful day and a shorter drive (only 30 minutes from Greenville), but one little problem – no apples.

Turns out the season lasts longer up in the mountains, and with an early apple season the only apples to be had at Niven’s Apple Farm were straight from the refrigerator! Not to be deterred, we braved the school group crowds to enjoy the playground and check out the farm animals, then headed out to the pumpkin patch.

The boys couldn’t be happier with giant pumpkins to climb, dirt to dig in and endless rows to explore. This made it easy to snap some pictures and enjoy the day. We finally chose a pumpkin and some gourds, and carted those along with a bag of Mutsu apples from the farm store to tide us over until the big haul the following week.

Next year we start the apple business earlier, in September. Oh, and take dad along so that we can bring home one of these giants!



  1. Love the pictures! Your boys are getting so big!

  2. Why is Mikus wearing pumpkin patch camouflage (hat)? Did he manage to lose you (first steps....)?? AND - Mutsu apples are my absolute favorites; hard to find here in the north.


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