Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas guests

It was the day after Christmas day when more guests arrived. My sister Anna and her husband Andrejs joined us after their whirlwind holiday tour of NYC, Chicago and Eau Clair before their short sightseeing trip to Dublin. Although they had spent a whole day traveling to get here, they were still gung ho to get out and see the city at night. All seven of us took a ride in the Ferris wheel, but it was the fog that made the night memorable.

The fog was so thick we could hardly see the Christmas tree from the top of the wheel, much less the cathedral. Once back on the ground we continued our walk through the near empty streets, all the way to Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption and the Marché de Noël, where only the hot wine and food vendors were still open for the night.

By the next day the fog had lifted, but we spent it doing more of the same; walks through the city with some shopping and cafés thrown in, a visit to the supermarché for Indra and Matīss, naps, presents and relaxing near the Christmas tree and finally, a superb dinner at a local restaurant.


  1. Whoooot! Skaists salikums ar bildēm, Lienīt - ļoti artsy ;)

    1. That sure is a big, big wheel


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